Damaged Autumn

2012 National Finalist

Damaged Autumn

There was a hurricane in mid August
and that is where the disease hid itself,
in elaborate shrouds, seasonal fog,
monsoon after monsoon until
we almost believed there was never
and sickness to begin with.

How is it that the watercolors
fade and dilute with the cinnamon breath
of half-heaviness inside Madison’s
October afternoons, where is the
transition through bareness,
that in-between which heaves then
pants in desire
(the fiercest of human weeks)

is our earth not purging its
dyes, its burnt orange skin, lemon peels,
kaleidoscope song, broken apple-sun,
its color, can it hear that the people
need sacrifice now and not later.


Cathy Guo, age 15
Madison, Connecticut

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