Diablo Magazine Spotlights Solutions for the Nation from Saint Mary's Professors

Diablo Magazine Graphic of Dean Metcalf Turner School of Education Dean Phyllis Metcalf-Turner, Economics Professor Jack Rasmus and Politics Professor Suzi Weissman are featured in the January 2012 issue of Diablo Magazine. 

Along with other East Bay thought leaders, the three Saint Mary’s faculty members are prominently spotlighted in the forward looking article “A Brighter Tomorrow.” 

The SMC professors were asked to expound on the challenges facing the country and suggest solutions in the areas of economics, education and political policy in the coming year.

Metcalf-Turner argues for the restoration of funding for K-12 education and higher education and teachers as priorities in federal and state policies in her analysis "Enable Teachers Instead of Attacking Them.”

Diablo Magazine Graphic of Jack Rasmus

Rasmus offers insight on the state of the nation’s economy and ways to stimulate growth in his perspective "Craft a New, Smarter Stimulus to Create Jobs."

Weissman provides commentary on the detrimental influence of lobbyist and corporate dollars on our democracy and political process in her observation "Get Private Money Out of Politics.”

Diablo Magazine Graphic of Suzi Weissman

The depicted stylized portraits (Courtesy of Diablo Magazine) of each SMC professor accompanied their commentaries.

The  January 2012 issue of Diablo Magazine is currently available on newsstands and online.

Date of Mention: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012