Dinosaur Dissection Marks Start of Museum Renovation

Saint Mary's College Dean of Science Judd Case was quoted in an Associated Press article published in many newspapers about a $35 million renovation of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Hall. The Pittsburgh museum is among the last major natural history museums to update its dinosaur collection to reflect current scientific thought.

"Dinosaurs were always viewed as bulky, hulking-looking animals, so nobody was moving fast. If you look at the 1920s, they are old and slow and big, hulking reptiles," said Judd Case, a paleontologist and dean at St. Mary's College of California.

Early paleontologists weren't concerned as much with figuring out what dinosaurs looked like so much as where they could find the next one.

"It was like finding a new stamp to add to the collection. People were not looking at them in terms of taxonomy," Case said.

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