Doug Benerofe, MFA Fiction '98

Writer and English Teacher

LiteratureforLife has created a curriculum for Doug Benerofe's story, "The Brooklyn Tolstoy," so it can be taught in Los Angeles public schools!  

Doug Benerofe

Doug's Bio:

Doug Benerofe is an English teacher and writer. He won second place in Narrative Magazine's 2014 writing contest for his short story, "Elba in Brooklyn." This story is part of a collection of short stories about the same New York City family. Other stories from this collection have appeared in the literary journals Rosebud and South Dakota Review. Doug has also published in Sonora Review. He was recently interviewed by Carve Magazine for their reader's spotlight. He is currently finishing his first novel, called "The Pen Salesman." He teaches both high school and college English. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and his daughter. 


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