Down to Earth in the Mile-High City

While some students use summer to take extra classes or relax, Magaly Garcia ’15 took a plunge that sent her over a thousand miles east and a mile above sea level.

As part of CILSA’s Alumni Summer Fellowship, Garcia spent her summer in Denver, Colo., working with the sisters at the Loretto Community and helping at the Catholic Worker home, a community founded by the famed activist Dorothy Day.

At the Catholic Worker, she worked with the “guests”—homeless people who had been taken in by the Catholic Worker community—cooking for them and helping in the office. Through her interactions, Garcia learned about the issues facing the homeless in Denver and felt a sense of solidarity. “Everyone works together to make things happen,” she wrote in a blog she kept during the experience.

Garcia also learned about living simply, a part of the Catholic Workers experience. “People didn’t really own a lot of things,” she said of the people she worked with. “They didn’t spend a lot of money on anything.” She even went dumpster diving to find food for the guests, and witnessed firsthand how much is wasted in our country.

Her most rewarding experience came from the connections she made and the stories she heard. Learning about the lives of the Loretto Sisters, the Catholic Workers, and those living at the home helped her realize, she said, that “you can have something in common with everyone.”

—Jazo Moises ’13