Dr. Carla Bossard Receives Award

Not many people have seen the four corners of the world more than once.  Dr. Carla Bossard may well have achieved this via her many January Term journeys.  Dr. Bossard has been teaching students in Jan Term travel courses for 21 years.  Through her Jan Term courses and her personal and professional trips, often with her husband Earl, Carla has been to more than 104 countries.  It is possible that Dr. Bossard has logged more miles than many international airline pilots.

Dr. Bossard teaches courses in the departments of Biology and Environmental & Earth Science. Her research specialty is montane forest ecosystems, with an emphasis on biological structures and systems; especially, plant biology.  Dr. Bossard is passionate about discoveries on or under the earth’s surface and in the earth’s oceans, lakes, and streams.  Her classes include field trips involving hiking up and down hills, traversing marshes and swamps, crawling through crevices in caves, and diving in deep waters.

Science is now discovering that humans are more similar to plants than previously thought and Dr. Bossard has set out to prove it! Finding these similarities seems to be the point of her Jan Term travel courses, as the well-planned itineraries not only include the strenuous field trips, but also embrace enjoyable encounters with people living in these countries -- observing their environments and their social structures.

Returning from their Jan Term travel, students will tell you that they have had a life-changing experience.  They now see the world differently – through Carla’s lens of empirical teaching.  It is for all of this that we celebrate Dr. Carla Bossard --

Professor of the Year 2016


Thursday, April 7th

5:00p to 7:00p

Soda Center

Please join Carla for a travel snapshot of her fascinating research at home and around the world. 

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