Dr. Clifford Straehley's Message

Dear Members of our Saint Mary's College Community,

Many of you had the opportunity to hear Dr. Clifford Straehley's message at the undergraduate commencement on May 20. We are so proud of him as both a graduate and our speaker. He kindly sent the following message which he wished me to share with you:

May 23, 2006

Dear Brother Ronald,

As the spokesman for all of St. Mary's please carry this message to all of your faculty and other personnel.

St. Mary's is a truly remarkable College and embraces excellence in every category. My attendance during the past two years has enriched my life immeasurably. I do believe that the senior seminar was, without question, one of the most stimulating learning experiences of my life.

The depth of my gratitude to St. Mary's College knows no limit.


Clifford J. Straehley


Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC