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Dr. Gerard M. Capriulo Named to the Marine Conservation Research Institute's Board of Directors

Moraga, Calif. (May 28, 2004) -- Dr. Gerard M. Capriulo, Fletcher Jones Professor of Biology at Saint Mary's College of California, has just been named to the board of directors of the Aquarium of the Pacific's Marine Conservation Research Institute (MCRI).

The Aquarium of the Pacific (AOP), in Long Beach, Calif., is an institution dedicated to the study and understanding of marine life, environmental and habitat concerns, and cultural celebrations related to the Pacific Ocean and its associated communities. The AOP has the fourth largest attendance of any U.S. aquarium. The MCRI is involved in conservation research, public outreach, and ocean science and policy information dissemination -- all of which is overseen by the board of directors.

Dr. Capriulo is an expert in the ocean sciences, marine food webs, coastal zone ecology, and on the effects of pollution on marine environments. In addition, he is the author of a recently published popular science book, The Golden Braid: the Symbiotic Nature of the Universe, which explores questions on the nature and meaning of creation.