Early Response to the New Saint Mary's College Website

T-plus 3 days and counting...

Our first post-website-launch Monday is winding down, and staff and faculty across campus are actively assessing, updating and enhancing the site. An impressive new addition to our quiver of pages is the homepage for the alumni magazine, which makes very effective use of the "Content Feature" option in the body area, as well as skillfully deploying the cover of the latest edition. When you go to that page you'll also notice that its URL, http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/smcmagazine, is not a thousand characters long! Custom URL creation is a feature you should use in moderation, but it's fully operational and available to everyone.

Another feature which everyone should feel free to use with wild-eyed, crazy-legged abandon is ShareThis, which is a social media tool that allows anyone to quickly and easily link to any item on the website through social media, or email the URL directly to a friend. Just look at the bottom of the content area on any page of the site and give it a whirl.

Lastly, positive responses are pouring in. Here's a selection of comments we've received from prospective students:

  • "Thanks for your email announcing the new St. Mary's website. I checked it out, and it looks great! The graphics and images are very well done, and the information about the school is easy to access. I am a senior at Junipero Serra High School, and recently met with Mr. Crisostomo during his visit to my school. I will be applying to St. Mary's for the Fall of 2012. The new website, together with the construction I saw during my visit to campus over the summer, make me even more excited about being a Gael."
  • "Thank you and your team for the new website! I was a bit skeptical that a college website could be so easy to use. I've encountered very difficult ones that have made me and my parents stressed about finding the adequate information. I particulary loved that the St. Mary's gives a clear insight to the student life. Having been to the tour two weeks ago, and seeing the website today has made me very excited about applying to St. Mary's!"
  • "This looks great! Congrats."
  • "I am a prospective student and recently visited the new Saint Mary's website and I just wanted to comment on what an amazing site it turned out to be. It is so easy to navigate now. Great work!"
  • "I think that the new site is great : )"

We all continue to toil away on the new website, but the enthusiasm in these comments provides some nice fuel for the fire.

Wagons ho,