East Bay Donors Continue a Scholarship Tradition

The annual dinner supporting the East Bay Scholarship Fund will be held on May 6 at 6 p.m. at the Claremont Country Club in Oakland.

The fund was founded more than 50 years ago, as Brother President Thomas Levi was nearing the end of a tumultuous term. He had already guided the College through the difficult Korean War days and the demise of football, but another problem had cropped up.

The working-class kids of the East Bay who traditionally enrolled at Saint Mary's could no longer afford to do so. Brother Thomas had to make the College more affordable.
He enlisted the support of alumni from Oakland, and the group met in the cafeteria of St. Leo's Church. They agreed to sponsor a one-time scholarship dinner, which was held on May 3, 1956 at the Claremont Country Club. A donation of $443 was made to assist a student, Martin Young '54, and the rest of the profits were invested in 27 shares of AT&T stock.

The event became an annual tradition, and adjusted for inflation, the scholarship fund has given out gifts that would total $1,250,000 to help students from Alameda and Contra Costa counties attend SMC.

For more information about the dinner or the fund, contact William McLeod in the Development Department at wmcleo@stmarys-ca.edu or (925) 631-4896.