Degree Offerings

You have options.


Bachelor of Science in Economics
The Bachelor of Science major is a quantitatively oriented program, which provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in economics, finance, or business administration and for careers requiring quantitative analysis.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics
The Bachelor of Arts major is a social science oriented program that is ideal for students planning professional studies and/or careers in law, teaching, business, the public or nonprofit sectors.

Sustainability Studies Concentration
This concentration is aimed at students interested in the environmental and social impacts of growing economies. It’s the study for you if you are concerned with how to have, at the same time, economic growth, a healthy environment and a fair distribution of income and privilege.  The study is based on the notion that these are connected, often in conflict, and that people from different backgrounds are needed to address all the difficult issues that arise in this regard.  The degree program is therefore truly interdisciplinary and seeks to integrate the approaches of economics with those of the sciences and the humanities.

International and Development Concentration
This concentration is aimed at students interest in the international nature of economic activity, and the economic challenges and opportunities faced by all countries––to grow, develop, and progress––in the current age of globalization. Central topics include: poverty, inequality, trade, finance, population changes and migration, and the future global economy. A required semester of study abroad and a thesis project will reinforce learning outcomes. 


The economics minor is an excellent complement to many majors such as politics, history, mathematics, communication, accounting and business administration. The minor provides students with a core of economic theory and a sampling of the many fields of economics.