Outdoor Pavilions

12 Pavilion (Tents) have been constructed up at the Rec Sports Field for outdoor classes during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The Pavilions are numered 1-12.  IT Services has installed A/V in Pavilions 4-9. Use of the TV and other A/V requires access to an equipment storage box on site.   Call the IT Service Desk at ext. 4266, or go to the IT Services Portal to request a tech check for the times you need this access. 

The AV/Tech in these Pavilions includes:


-- 85" TV

-- On-Board PC with wireless keyboard and mouse.

--HDMI Laptop input cable

-- USB Yeti Blue microphone

-- USB and HDMI cables to connect a Wacom Tablet; acts as an extended display for the PC, in addition to the TV.

-- USB extension cable for optional camera or other USB powered devices; connected to the on-board PC.

-- A portable PA speaker and microphone to amplify audio in the tent, and improve the audio pick-up of the Yeti Microphone.

-- TV Remote Control