Moodle Update 23-Dec-19 8:00 AM

Moodle will be updated Monday December 23 (after Fall grades are due) between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. It will autosave text you are entering, and a few other minor improvements.


  • The new Atto text editor that provides additional features like: "Draft saved" appears every minute when it automatically saves your work.






  • The Important LInks drop-down is split into two for faculty and students:
    Student drop-down list: Student Quickstarts, Library, and TutorMe Faculty resources: Faculty Quickstarts, GaelXpress
  • You can take attendance by having your students scan a QR code:
    Sample QR code


  • We’ve changed some of the defaults for online quizzes:

    It used to be that all questions would be on one page, sometimes a very long page.  Now the default is one question per page, and students can navigate back and forth between questions.  Of course, you can change these settings for each quiz depending on the quiz.  For more information see the Faculty Quickstart Guide: How to create a quiz - add quiz activity link

  • The new Dates report puts your assignment and activity due dates all on one page so you can change the lot in one go.
  • Teachers can access a new SMC Roster report to display ID photos of students.  This should help learning students' names.
  • Turnitin has the option to allow students to re-submit their papers depending on the setting in Report Generation Speed.