Moodle Upgrade

In This Section

Moodle will be upgraded from version 3.2 to 3.5 Wednesday December 19 (after Fall grades are due) between 5:00 and 7:00 AM. There are no major user interface changes, mostly just new features and functions.


  • Newly created courses will have visibility set to Hide.  This is to reduce confusion in the My Courses list and the Dashboard. This means they will appear at the bottom of your lists.

  • The dashboard is improved, with a Favorites tab.  Best practice is to mark your current classes as favorites so they appear at the top of the list.  Note that as classes are added to your list, they are hidden (see above), and so will appear at the bottom of your list. New Course Overview

  • There is a new text editor, called Atto, that provides additional features like:

    • Atto autosaves drafts every 1 minute.  This is especially useful for Forum posts.   Look for the message “Draft saved,” which will briefly appear below the text box.

    • An equation editor, especially useful for Math courses

    • Widgets, which are additional ways to display content using tabs or an accordion.

    • To switch to the Atto editor, see our Quickstart guide.

  • The new Dates report puts your assignment and activity due dates all on one page so you can change the lot in one go.

  • The ”Orphaned topics” problem fixed.  When you import from one course to another, it will increase the number of sections appropriately (except the Social format)

  • In the Assignment activity, you can restrict the file types that students may upload as submissions.  This will help prevent students from uploading file types that your computer, or the online grading, can’t recognize.

  • By default, point grades will have no decimal points.  Instead of the grade page being cluttered with “.00” everywhere, the percentages and points will show as whole numbers, for example, “92%.”  This will apply to course shells created after the update.

  • The Participants page is more useful now.  It displays, and allows you to change, roles and groups.

  • Turnitin has the option to allow students to re-submit their papers depending on the setting in Report Generation Speed.

  • Items and courses hidden from students now have Hidden from students displayed, in addition to being in grey.

  • You can now choose New Window for a URL resource you put on your Moodle pages.

  • Gradebook default aggregation set to Natural.

  • Activities, for example Forums and Assignments, now have Next and Previous links at the bottom.

  • The Serenity theme doesn’t work with the new Moodle, sorry.  The upgrade will replace it with the default theme.

  • Browser versions more than 3 years old will no longer work, but you all keep your browser versions updated… right?