SMC Policies and Resources

6. SMC Policies and Resources

6.1. Academic Honor Code

Saint Mary’s College expects every member of its community to abide by the Academic Honor Code.  According to the Code, “Academic dishonesty is a serious violation of College policy because, among other things, it undermines the bonds of trust and honesty between members of the community.”  Violations of the Code include but are not limited to acts of plagiarism.  For more information, please consult the Student Handbook for traditional undergraduate students or graduate and professional students. If a reasonable suspicion arises that you have violated academic honor code, you will be referred to the Academic Honor Council for further review and or necessary sanctions.


6.2. Expected Student Conduct

Saint Mary’s College is dedicated not only to the advancement of knowledge and learning but is concerned with the development of responsible personal and social conduct. By enrolling at Saint Mary’s College, a student assumes the responsibility for becoming familiar with and abiding by the Student Handbook. The primary responsibility for managing the classroom environment rests with the faculty. Students who engage in any prohibited, unlawful, or disrespectful acts that result in disruption of a class may be directed by the faculty to leave the class. Violation of any classroom or College rules may  result in disciplinary actions as specified within the Student Handbook and in consultation with the Office of Community Life in the Dean of Students Office. 

6.3. Title IX Reporting

Saint Mary’s College of California is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students that is free of all forms of discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.  If you (or someone you know) has experienced or experiences any of these incidents, know that you are not alone.  Saint Mary’s College employees are trained to support you in navigating campus life; accessing confidential, health, and counseling services; providing academic and housing accommodations; and more.

Please be aware all Saint Mary’s College faculty are “responsible employees,” which means that if you tell me about a situation involving sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking, I must share that information with a Title IX officer. Although I have to make that notification, your level of involvement in the handling of a case is up to you, including whether or not you wish to pursue a formal complaint. Our goal is to make sure you are aware of the range of options available to you and have access to the resources you need.

If you wish to speak to someone privately, you can contact any of the following on-campus resources.  (*Note = also considered confidential resources). 

● *Counseling and Psychological Services (Augustine Hall Ground Floor, 925-631-4364)

● Health and Wellness Center (Augustine Hall, Ground Floor, 925-631-4254)

● *Director of CARE (Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention) (Augustine Hall, Ground Floor, 925-631-4192)

● CARE Hotline - to speak with an advocate and available 24/7 (925-878-9207)

The CARE Center promotes a campus culture of care, safety, and respect for all persons.

The Title IX website, information, and other on- and off-campus resources


6.4. Student Disability Services (SDS)

The College strives to make all learning experiences as accessible as possible. Students who anticipate or experience academic barriers based on a disability are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services (SDS), a department of the Student Success Office, to set up a confidential appointment to discuss available services and options. The Student Disability Services office can be reached by emailing; calling 925-631-4358; or visiting the office located in Filippi Academic Hall FAH190.

ADA Universal Access, reasonable and appropriate accommodations that take into account the context of the course and its essential elements, for individuals with qualifying disabilities, are extended through the office of Student Disability Services. 

6.5.Student technical assistance

ITS Services is staffed to help with IT-related questions and concerns. Their mission is to get you the support you need as quickly as possible. For Service Desk and Tech Bar location and service hours

New Student Guide to Technology at SMC

Student Service Portal

6.6. Library assistance

Searching for a book, article, or data to inform your argument? Not sure how to cite a source in your bibliography? Ask a librarian! Research help is available in person at the Reference Desk, by phone at 925-631-4624, and during reference hours you can even text a librarian at 925-291-9699 or chat with us live via the Library's website. Check the Library’s Ask Us page

Center for Writing Across the Curriculum (CWAC) on the first floor of De La Salle Hall (next to Hagerty Lounge), offers two options for students – of all disciplines and levels:

Writing Circles: During weekly, small-group workshops, students discuss their own writing projects, at all stages of the process. To join a Circle, students register before or during the first week of the semester.

One-to-one sessions: Students make appointments or drop in: 4-7:15 p.m. Sunday, and 9:15 a.m.-7:15 p.m. Monday~Thursday. 925.631.4684


6.7. Tutorial and Academic Skills Center (TASC)

TASC, a department of the Student Success Office, provides tutoring for the majority of courses offered at Saint Mary’s College. The tutoring is done in both an individual and small group format. The tutoring is intended to supplement the work done in the class. The goal is for the tutee and tutor to work collaboratively towards a better understanding of the material. You can request a tutor online.

6.8. Student Success Coaching

The Student Success Office and its departments provide students with connections, opportunities and initiatives that foster: holistic learning and education; academic, personal and professional development and excellence; degree achievement; and positive post-graduate outcomes from a developmental and strengths-based perspective. In addition to an academic advisor (faculty), each student has a designated success coach (staff) from Student Engagement and Academic Success (SEAS) or the High Potential Program (HP), who supports a student holistically to build on their strengths, identifies resources to develop their skills, and ensures they achieve developmental milestones throughout college.  Find your success coach or call (925) 631-4800 for an appointment.

6.9. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) supports the emotional well-being of the student body and is committed to a respectful understanding and honoring of the social, emotional, and cultural contexts of each student. CAPS provides time-limited individual and group therapy, emergency and crisis intervention, and prevention-oriented outreach to students at no additional charge. More information can be found on our webpage or by calling x4364. To make a confidential appointment, please stop by our office on the ground floor of Augustine Hall.

6.10. STEM Center

Saint Mary’s has a new STEM Center on the second floor of Assumption Hall for students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The STEM Center will provide several useful services, including:

● Math and Chemistry tutoring: Monday-Thursday 12-9 PM; Sunday 6-9 PM  

● "Pathways to Science" speaker series featuring world-class scientists

● Social events with free food

● Study space and computer workstations

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Roy Wensley (Dean, School of Science) at

6.11. The Intercultural Center (IC) and Student Engagement and Academic Success (SEAS)

Intercultural Center strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment that values diversity and builds an inclusive community. Through its co-curricular programs and services, the IC educates the campus for cultural competence and social justice. 

Syllabus Change

The Instructor reserves the right to make changes as necessary to this syllabus. If changes are made, class dialogue will occur and advance notification will be given to the class.