Elizabeth Montoya, MFA Fiction & Nonfiction '17

Writer, painter

Join alumna Elizabeth Montoya Osborne (fiction & nonfiction '17) to see her featured paintings at the Dia de los Muertos, "En Memoria": Opening Reception on October 14th from 5-8pm hosted by Sanchez Contemporary and Tertulia Coffee!

Elizabeth's Bio: 

Elizabeth M. Montoya is a writer of speculative fiction and creative nonfiction centered around memory, ancestry, family, and the symbolism of home. She has taught creative writing to small groups (Putnam Clubhouse, a rehabilitation for mental illness) and taught a class in Narrative Memoir at Saint Mary's College. In May 2017 she completed her dual-MFA in Fiction and Nonfiction. She is currently working on collection of essays entitled All The Little Houses, and works a Volunteer Coordinator for an organization that pairs tutors with homeless youth in the community. Her work has been published in Somos en escrito: The Online Literary Magazine, and will be published in a forthcoming edition of Door is a Jar.


Elizabeth's News: