Due to our recent wireless expansion, now enjoy wireless coverage all across campus!

Wireless network computing is available in Academic, office and public areas for the use of the faculty, staff, and students of Saint Mary's College. The wireless network offers the mobile computer user most of the computing services available through the wired network, without the restraints of a network cable or the need for a nearby jack. Guests of the College and Conference attendees may also have access to the wireless network by a request to the Service Desk from the sponsoring SMC department or organization.

Wherever you see this sign, you will be able to access the Saint Mary's College Wireless network if you have a wireless mobile device. The Wireless network has recently been expanded and is now available in all classrooms and laboratories, all public areas such as the Food Court, Saint Albert Hall Library, Oliver Hall and the Soda Center, and most Academic and Administrative offices. Some outdoor areas of the main campus are also covered. Please see table under Wireless Coverage Access Points for current areas of wireless coverage on campus.

It is important to remember that the wireless network is a shared resource, intended to supplement the campus wired infrastructure – not replace it. You will find that the wireless network normally operates at slower speeds than the wired system – and the more it's being used in a particular area, the slower it may be. If you have a portable computer, we recommend that you use a standard wired connection when available because it will provide higher performance and better security. Also, you are discouraged from using or accessing any service that requires high amounts of bandwidth on the wireless network, which could slow performance for others using it in the same area. You should be considerate of other users and refrain from engaging in data-intensive operations, like uploading large files or streaming video.

Anyone accessing the SMC Wireless Zone network is expected to comply with all applicable provisions of the Saint Mary's College of California Technology Use Policy, which governs the proper use of shared computer resources. This policy is found in the Faculty and Student Handbooks, and in Technology Use Policy.

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