By Analucia DaSilva

Whatever It Is You Try to Know

Stand free of the nostalgic
pull, a dark saw-tooth shadow.

Approach from nowhere,
find out the rules tightly held
in angles and thin curved shells.

Inside each wing’s scene
of flight – the skeletal, vertical,
boneless aspects – are rigged
pinions of a voiced


The trill of sounding forms,
bridged by the eye, perched
at the edge of your body,
commands that you see.

Arduous it is to recognize —

deflect & retain
the air of spectacle, both
for deception and unmasking.

Suspend the certain knowledge
that constricts and petrifies
the corpse exactly.

Analucia DaSilva received her M.F.A. in creative writing from Saint Mary’s College in May 2003 and her B.A. in Languages & Literature from Bard College. She lives and works in Oakland.