Save Our State

Think locust, eagle & snake.
No one says hate.
The mission is clear:
grow-up invasion.
I tuck the parachute
under my sweatshirt.
If I slip in dirt,
the hardware jingles.

dos, tres
Libraries make good hiding places.
A boy makes raspberry keepsakes
& annotates the belly.
I am 861.608Mr.
The word is jawbreaker;
Shouldn’t the layers

cuatro, cinco, six
Television is the new romance
language: Good Morning, America!
When the tv’s nesting,
you can see yourself in it.

seven, eight, nine, ten.
Someone says,
you’re it.
I’m a spy, I tell them.
We have us a laugh.
I fold. A jackknife.


Maricela Ramírez grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and received a
Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California. She received the M.F.A. in creative writing from Saint Mary’s College, where she was awarded the Judith Lee Stronach Scholarship.