English 4C & 5C

English 4C and 5C are cohort writing courses, meaning you take them in consecutive semesters, with the same professor and the same students. If you feel less prepared for the reading and writing demands of college, this sequence may be best for you because it is more gradual, offering time to gain confidence and practice in academic writing. In these courses you will learn about yourself as a writer and analyze and research the practice of writing. 


A key assumption underlying English 4C and 5C is that writing in college is not only something people do but also something people study. An implication of this assumption is that learning about writing will help students do writing as a literate practice. 

Most notably, this approach challenges the belief that good writing is a set of skills that are governed by universal rules that hold in all situations. In fact, the opposite is true. Writing demands will change as you move into your disciplinary courses (e.g. writing like a biologist; writing like a financial analyst; writing like an anthropologist; writing like a poet) and then again when you enter the workplace or graduate school.

In response to these changing contexts, these courses will help you to write well in this context of the writing classroom, while simultaneously helping you to develop the knowledge needed to understand how writing emerges and operates in other contexts, for different audiences, with different purposes. In doing so, we expect, and research has shown, that you will be more likely to take these writing practices with you to other courses, and to be more agile in your writing as you will be well versed in understanding your own writing processes, rhetorical situations, and how writing operates.