Subject Matter Preparation in English (SMPP) (Prior to Fall 2018)

Saint Mary’s College has been approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing of the State of California to offer a student who majors in English appropriate preparation for a teaching credential in English.

The following course of study is the normal preparation for a prospective secondary school English teacher. Those who complete this program are allowed to waive the CSET exam required for high school classroom teaching.

All students in the Subject-Matter Preparation Program must enroll in the following special courses:

English 24/124: SMPP Assessment and Portfolio

English 24 (offered in Spring Only)

  • English 24 is a .25 credit course that students in the English Subject-Matter Preparation Program, designed for prospective secondary school teachers, are required to register for once prior to their senior year. The course assists students in beginning their portfolio and preparing them for the initial assessment interview required by the SMP program.

English 124

  • English 124 is a .25 credit course that students in the English Subject-Matter Preparation Program are required to register for during one semester of their senior year. The course assists students in assembling the final version of their portfolio and preparing them for the final assessment interview required by the SMP program.

CORE STUDIES: 13 courses (12.25 units)

Composition and Rhetoric – 2 courses (1.25 units)

  • English 100: Advanced Composition
  • English 106: Writing Adviser Training Beginning (.25 units)

Linguistics – 1 course

  • English 110: Linguistics—Language, Mind, and Culture

Literature – 8 courses 

  • English 19: Introduction to Literary Analysis
  • English 29: Issues in Literary Study
  • English 103 and 104: Major British Writers
  • English 175: Shakespeare
  • English 150, 151 or 152: American Literature
  • One course in English or American Literature before 1800
  • One course in English or American Literature before 1900

Speech, media and creative performance: 2 of the following courses. Choose Communication and 1 Performing Arts

  •  Communication 10: Argument and Advocacy 
  •  Communication 2: Communication and Social Understanding 
  •  Communication 3: Communication Inquiry 
  •  Performing Arts 1: Perceiving the Performing Arts 
  •  Performing Arts 33: Acting 1: Principles of Performance 
  •  Performing Arts 132: Performing Arts in Production 

EXTENDED STUDIES:  9 courses (7 units) 

The extended studies curriculum is designed to supplement the core by providing students with depth, breadth, areas of concentration, and an introduction to classroom teaching and teaching technology.

One of the following courses:

  • English 167: Literary Criticism: From the Ancient Greeks to the Romantics
  • English 168: Literary Criticism: the 19th and 20th centuries
  • English 170: Problems in Literary Theory

One of the following courses:

  • English 153: American Ethnic Writers and Oral Traditions
  • English 154: Studies in African-American Literature

Two of the following courses:

  • English 102: Creative Writing
  • English 105: Children’s Literature
  • English 125 or 126: Film or Topics in Film
  • English 140: Literary Genres (Including Popular Genres)
  • English 163: The Other English Literatures
  • English 173: Women Writers
  • English 182, 183 or 184: Drama

Internship Requirement and Classroom Technology 

All of the following courses: 
 Registration in SMPP: English 24 first semester in program (.25 units) 
 Registration in SMPP: English 124 senior year in program (.25 units) 
 Education 122: Field Experience (1 unit) 

SMPP Coordinator:  Professor Hilda Ma

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October 2013 / Updated September 2018