Storm Water Best Management Practices

No Dumping - Drains to Creek
Please report all stormwater pollution activities. If you observe someone discharging material into the storm drain, please ask them to stop and then notify Public Safety at x4282 and EH&S at x8287 or by e-mail to  Remember - only rain down the storm drain.

Our activities affect water quality in creeks, the Delta and Bay through two different systems – the storm drain system and the sanitary sewer system.

The storm drain system, comprised of gutters, pipes, creeks and ditches, carries water directly to creeks, the Bay and Delta.  Only rainwater belongs in the storm drain system, but pollutants enter it in many ways.  For example, washing greasy equipment in parking lots, or simply leaving grease, dumpsters, chemical containers where contaminants can be washed into storm drains with the rain.  Outdoor pollutants that don’t wash into the storm drain system can soak into the ground and reach the groundwater.