Fall 2022 Course Offering

Ethnic Studies Fall Offering

ES-001-01 Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Amissa Miller, TTH 1:15PM-2:50PM, On-campus

This course provides an introduction to the complex nature of racial and ethnic populations in the United States. It seeks to understand the diverse traditions and cultures of the people of the United States in order to gain an appreciation for American diversity. It offers a critical understanding of the origins and impacts of settler colonialism, conquest, slavery, war and immigration on the development of the U.S. We will examine the ways in which race and ethnicity intersect with gender, class, sexuality, citizenship and nationality in order to better understand how systems of power and inequality are constructed, reinforced and challenged. Satisfies an Area C requirement in the pre-2012 general education requirements. 

Core Curriculum Designation(s): AD - American Diversity; TCG - The Common Good


ES-100-01 Special Topics: A Seat at the Table with Lemonade

Amissa Miller, TTH 3:00PM - 04:35PM, On-campus

This course will explore contemporary visions of Black womanhood through reading the visual and musical themes and motifs of Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Solange’s A Seat at the Table. The class will ground its exploration of these albums in Black feminist theories, placing these artists in the context of Black feminist scholars/cultural workers like Audre Lorde, Beverly Guy Sheftall, Angela Davis, bell hooks, and Brittany Cooper.  


ES-101-01 Critical Race Theory

David Quijada, TTH 11:30AM-1:05PM, On-campus

Prerequisites: One of the following: ES 001, SOC 002, SOC 004, WGS 001, or permission of instructor.

This course engages critical race theory as an explanatory critical framework, method and pedagogy for analyzing race and racism in the U.S. and that works toward identifying and challenging racism within institutional contexts. 

Core Curriculum Designation(s): AD - American Diversity; TCG - The Common Good


ES-103-01 Chicana/o/x Experiences

David Quijada, TTH 1:15PM-2:50PM, On-campus

Prerequisites: One of the following: ES 001, JCL 10, SOC 002, SOC 004, WGS 001, or permission of instructor.

This class discusses Chicana/o/x experiences as situated in historical, political, social, and economic maps of meaning. Central is how Chicana/o/x experiences intersect across social positions of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Students will develop skills to interrogate and map "identity" that has been constructed for and by Chicana/o/x across local and global contexts, socializing discourses and within community and familial institutional settings. 

Core Curriculum Designation(s): AD - American Diversity; TCG - The Common Good


ES-195-01 Internship

Loan Dao, To Be Determined with students

This course will allow students the opportunity to have hands-on experience to prepare for potential ES-related careers by giving them guided academic credit for internship placements. Students may also receive a stipend for their internship placement with acceptance into the SOLA LAB program in the summer or during the academic year. 


Approved Courses for Methods & Electives:



Comm 106-01 Intercultural Communication

Scott Schoenfeldt-Aultman, MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM, On-campus

Designations: AD, SHCU


Comm 110-01 Quantitative Methods

Veronica Hefner, TTH 9:45AM-11:20AM, On-campus



ENGL 153-01 American Ethnic and Oral Traditions

Jeannine King, TTH 3:00PM-4:35PM, On-campus

Designations: AD, AA



HIST 101-01 Historical Methods & Practices

E. Elena Songster, MF 1:00PM-2:40PM, On-campus

Designation: SHCU



JCL 120-01 Theory and Methods of Inquiry

Michael Viola, TTH 3:00PM-4:35PM, On-campus

Fees: $35.00

Designation: SHCU


JCL 130-01 Environmental Justice

Staff, MW 4:00PM-5:35PM, On-campus

Fees: $35.00

Designation: GP



KINES 127-01 Health Promotion: Planning and Evaluation

Robin Dunn, MF 1:00PM-2:40PM, On-campus



POL 115-01 Theories of Justice

Patrizia Longo, TTH 9:45AM-11:20AM, On-campus

Designations: SHCU, AD, TCG


POL 126-01 Food Politics

Patrizia Longo, TTH 11:30AM-1:05PM, On-campus

Fees: $20.00

Designations: CE, TCG

POL 127-01 Field work for Food Politics

Patrizia Longo, TBA



SOC 107-01 Whiteness

Staff, MWF 8:00AM-9:05AM


SOC 115-01 Wealth and Poverty

Robert Bulman, MF 1:00PM-2:40PM, On-campus

Designations: AD, SHCU


Other courses may be approved by petition with the approval of the Program Director.