Ethnic Studies Student Ambassadors

Meet our incredible Student Ambassadors that keep our students in the know!

Maia Pagán is an Ethnic Studies Major with a Sociology Minor. She is the Co-President for the Meditation Club as well as the Co-President for the La Hermandads Club. Maia also likes to play tennis in her free time.

I love the Ethnic Studies (ES)community, I found the place where  I truly belong. My ES classes taught me different perspectives on history, literature, social movements and equity. As an Ethnic Studies student I have changed my views with critical information to become a more socially conscious citizen of the world. I feel like I am better equipped with the knowledge and education to efficiently navigate our diverse society. I’m so happy to be part of such a wonderful community.

Read the Campus Communications interview with Maia here!

Previous Student Ambassadors:

Jasmin Hill '23
I love being an Ethnic Studies student. There is such an inclusive community between faculty and staff and the students. I came to Saint Mary’s not knowing exactly where I fit in or even what path I wanted to take. However after taking just one ES class everything became so much clearer. I have such an appreciation because of this and would encourage anyone to take an ES class.

Jocelyn Romero '23
Being an ES student to me means being able to understand the way our society works and why things are the way that they are. I want to be an ES teacher to educate students of the real history and heroes that we often are strayed from in traditional history classes. My goal through ED is to expand my ability to understand perspectives that I have not been exposed to yet and challenge what I’ve always known. To be an ES students means to be open minded and ready to provoke change in the best way possible.

Valentina Velasquez '20 (see ES Newsletter about Valentina, who is now on the ES CAB!)