Ethnic Studies Student Ambassadors

Meet our incredible Student Ambassadors that keep our students in the know!

Valentina Velasquez '20
Being an Ethnic Studies Major here at St. Mary’s College of California has taken many
forms in and out of the classroom. When I entered college I was undeclared, because I didn’t quite
know what it was I wanted to study. I jumped around from course to course, trying to find what
I thought best fit me, and it was not until I took Professor David Quijada’s Intro to Ethnic
Studies that I knew I had found what I was looking for. As Professor Quijada once told our class,
“Each one of us carries precious knowledge”. As an ES student, I recognize that each one of us
carries experiences unique to ourselves, and regardless of them not being written on a sheet of
paper, they do matter. Being an ES student means using one’s knowledge and experiences as one
way to help end forms of oppression and create healing grounds. I know I chose the right major
for myself, and I look forward to exploring how the skills and experiences I gained from Ethnic
Studies will assist me in the rest of my life.

Jocelyn Romero '23
Being an ES student to me means being able to understand the way our society works and why things are the way that they are. I want to be an ES teacher to educate students of the real history and heroes that we often are strayed from in traditional history classes. My goal through ED is to expand my ability to understand perspectives that I have not been exposed to yet and challenge what I’ve always known. To be an ES students means to be open minded and ready to provoke change in the best way possible.

Jasmin Hill '23
I love being an Ethnic Studies student. There is such an inclusive community between faculty and staff and the students. I came to Saint Mary’s not knowing exactly where I fit in or even what path I wanted to take. However after taking just one ES class everything became so much clearer. I have such an appreciation because of this and would encourage anyone to take an ES class.