Spring 2022

ethnic studies course list spring 2022
Contact: Dr. Loan Dao | Email: ltd2@stmarys-ca.edu

ES-050-01 Creating Community: Introduction to Skills for Building a Socially Just Society

Loan Dao, TTH 3:00PM – 4:35 PM, Remote

Prerequisite: ES 1 or Permission of the Instructor

This course will discuss relevant reading material about contemporary issues and campaigns in our society. We will examine personal narratives as well as interdisciplinary contributions to various groups’ experiences and social movement campaigns based in community building. We will focus on issues of equity, justice, relationality, and the common good, and how to address them through community representation, service-learning, and organizing. As a Community Engagement (CE) course, students are required to fulfill the College requirement of 20 hours of service  to pass the course with a designated community partner: Ella Baker Center, Dolores Huerta Foundation, Oakland Unified Education Fund, CWGE, or CCIE.
Comments: CE Community Engagement, AD American Diversity, TCG - The Common Good

ES 100: Asian American History through Popular Culture

TTH 1:15-2:50 PM, Remote (*We will have in-person field trips once a month but remote options will be available).

Prerequisite: SEM 1, SEM 102, or Permission of the Instructor

This course examines the social, historical, and structural contexts defining the experiences of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. from 1850 to the present through the lens of popular culture, with an emphasis on how global movements of capital, population, goods, and culture have impacted the transnational relations and identity formation of contemporary AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) communities and individuals.

Comments: SHCU and AD

ES-102-01 Youth Cultures, Identities and New Ethnicities
David Quijada, MWF 11:45-12:50 PM, Remote
Prerequisites: ES 001, SOC 002, SOC 004, WGS 001, or Permission of the Instructor
This course is an introduction to the field of Critical Youth Studies that discusses the social constructions of youth culture and identity across time, space and social historical movements. We focus on key concepts and theories of youth that intersect across social positions (i.e., race, gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity). Comments:  Cross-lists w. SOC/WGS 110

ES-196-01 Senior Thesis

M. Ruiz, MF 1:00PM – 2:40 PM, In-person

Comments: Course Fee $40.00; cross-lists with GRS/WGS-196-01

Cross-listed Courses


ES-111-01  Qualitative Methods

D. Benin, MWF MWF 10:30-11:35, In-person

Comments: Cross-lists with COMM-111

ES-143-01 Advanced Media Production

J. Jakaitis, TTH 3-4:35PM, In-person

Comments: AU-CP Artistic Understanding); Additional course fee $100.00; Cross-lists with COMM-143-01.


ES-120-01  Theory and Methods of Inquiry

M. Viola, MF 1:00–2:35 PM, In-person

Comments: SHCU Social, Historical, Cultural Understanding; Additional course fee $35.00; Cross-lists with JCL-120

ES-130-01 Environmental Justice

M. Anantharaman, TTH 11:30–1:05 PM, In-person

Comments: TCG The Common Good, GP Global Perspective (pending); Additional course fee $35.00; Open to non-majors; Cross-lists with JCL 130-01



ES-153-01 Vietnamese American Literature

H. Ma, TTH 11:30 –1:05 PM, In-person

Comments: AD American Diversity, AU-AA Artistic Understanding; Additional course fee $15.00; Crosslists with ENG 153

ES-168 Race and Ethnicity (2 sections)

168-01: M. Barajas, MWF 8:00- 9:05 AM, In-person

168-02: M. Barajas, MWF 9:15–10:20 AM, In-person

Prerequisites: PSYCH 001, or SOC 002, or SOC 004, or ES 001.

Comments: Cross-lists with PSYCH 168-01 & PSYCH 168-02


SEM 144 David Quijada, MWF 9:15-10:20 AM, Remote

SEM 144 Alvaro Ramirez, MWF 10:30-11:35am, In-person


ES-121-02 Social Movements

N. Brown, MF 1:00–2:40 PM, In-person

Comments: Cross-lists with SOC/WGS 120

ES-122-01 Education and Society

R. Bulman, TTH 9:45–11:20 AM, In-person

Comments: SHCU Social, Historical, Cultural Understanding; Cross-lists with SOC-122

ES-132-01 Research Methods

Y. Hist, MWF 8:00–9:05 AM

Comments: CE Community Engagement; Cross-list with SOC-132


Petition Optional:

English 118: Behind Squid Game’s Front Man: The Korean War and Asian/American Literature
Yin Yuan, TTH 11:30 am-1:05pm, In-person

WaGS 107: Masculinities

S. Schonfeldt-Aultman, TTH 11:30-1:05, In-person

KINES 118: Community Health

R. Dunn, TTH 9:45 - 11:20 AM, In-person

PERFA 50: Interactive Theatre

A. Miller, MF 1:00 - 2:35 PM, In-person

Comments: AU-CP Artistic Understanding , AD American Diversity, TCG The Common Good

SPN 132: Consuming Mexican Images in Film & TV

A. Ramirez, MWF 2:45-3:50 PM, Remote

Comments: AU-AA Artistic Understanding, GP Global Perspectives (pending)

WGS 177: Feminist & Gender Theories

D. Witzig, TTH 1:15-2:50 PM, In-person