Assessment Forum

Assessment forums are an opportunity for faculty to share their assessment work and exchange ideas on campus assessment policy and practice.

The 2015 Assessment Forum showcased the work of faculty in the Assessment Grant Program. It was held on March 18 and included Greg Merrill (Accounting), Makiko Imamura and Ellen Rigsby (Communication), Gloria Sosa (Counseling & the High Potential Program), Wesley Gibson (Creative Writing), Maria Ruiz (Global & Regional Studies), Ellen Veomett (Mathematics), Clifford Lee and Raina Leon (Single Subject Credential Program), and Jennifer Heung (Women's & Gender Studies):

In 2014, two Assessment Forums were organized. For both, faculty in the Assessment Grant Program presented their final project reports. The second 2014 forum was held on March 19 and included Anna Novakov (Art & Art History), Sawako Suzuki (Educational Leadership), David Quijada (Ethnic Studies), Elizabeth Hamm (Integral Program), Marguerite Welch (Leadership), Chris Ray (Physics), Maria Ruiz (Spanich), and Keith Garrison (Biology):

The first 2014 forum was held on February 26 and included Robert Bulman (Sociology), Jennifer Heung (Anthropology), Myrna Santiago (History), Helga Lenart-Cheng (French), Ellen Rigsby (Collegiate Seminar), and Greg Merrill (School of Economics and Business Administration):

To read the final project reports from faculty in the Assessment Grant Program, click here.

The 2013 forum, Assessment in the Arts, included Ed Tywoniak (Communication), Cathy Davalos (Dance), Peter Freund (Media Art), and Frank Murry (Theater):

For more informaiton on assessment in the arts, contact Anna Novakov (Art and Art History).