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In 2013, SMC began the transition from paper to online course evaluation. This transition began during Spring with two schools, Science and Education.  In the Fall of 2013, the system was introduced to the Schools of Liberal Arts and Economics and Business Administration.  Over the next two years, the SMC community adjusted to the new online process.  Today, the online course evaluations are routine at SMC, though they are continually evolving to improve the experience for faculty and students and to provide quality information to SMC.



SMC uses Explorance Blue learning experience management software to automate and implement the course evaluations.  This online system allows students to access their evaluations from any Internet available location and confidentially rate their SMC learning experience.  After evaluations close and course grades are distributed, the aggregate ratings and feedback from the course evaluations become available to SMC faculty and administrators in a report format.


Course Evaluation Questionnaires

The existing questionnaires for Course Evaluation are currently under review for modifications by the SMC Academic Senate.


SMC currently uses two instruments for course evaluations; a common form for most undergraduate and graduate courses and a Seminar and Integral form designed for just these courses.


Courses Evaluated

Currently policy is for all courses to have an evaluation at the end of the term.   Courses with fewer than 3 enrolled students (i.e. independent study, internship, special study) are included but are not reported to the faculty; the data is used in overall summary results.


Access to the Online Evaluation System

Students are invited and reminded to participate through their SMC email; the email contains a link to the evaluation questionnaire.  They may also gain access to their open evaluations through their MOODLE page.  Moodle access instructions can be found here.


Faculty are invited to view their course information through SMC email; the email contains a link to the evaluation page.  They may also gain access to open evaluations through their MOODLE page.  Faculty instructions for MOODLE access and course evaluation information viewing can be found here.


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