Common Faculty Questions

Which courses are included in the process and are all course students invited?

  • All courses are surveyed at SMC.  This includes independent study, internships, labs, athletics, graduate and doctoral level courses.  
  • Courses with fewer than three students or responses are not reported to the instructor, but the data is collected and used in aggregate information.
  • All students officially registered for the course have the opportunity to complete the survey. 

When are surveys available for students to complete?

  • For undergraduates and SOLA graduate courses, the survey window is the last week of classes.  The surveys will not be open during Finals Week.
  • Graduate courses in KSOE, Trimester Leadership, and Graduate Business courses will survey at varying times at the end of the course, but, in general, will occur a few days before the last meeting day of the course and remain open for several days after the course conclusion (see your specific course information). 
  • All survey windows close at 11:59 pm on the due date.

How are students notified or reminded?

  • Graduate students in KSOE & Graduate Business receive an SMC email invitation to complete their survey questionnaire based on the schedule above.  SOLA graduate students follow the undergraduate notification process.
  • Undergraduate students DO NOT recieve an invitation, this to facilitate the process of undergraduate faculty to complete the survey during class time when it is open the last week of the class.  Undergraduate will recieve  email reminders on Wednesday and Sunday of the open period during Fall & Spring terms.
  • The students will receive two reminder emails during the open window.
  •  You can email the group of students that have not completed the evaluation through the system using your Response Rate page.  You will not know which students are emailed.  See instructions here. 

How do students access the survey?

  • All students can access the survey through their MOODLE home menu. 
  • Graduate students in KSOE & Graduate Business will recieve an email invitation with an access link at the start of the survey. They will have two reminders with an access link during the open period.
  • Graduate students in SOLA and undergraduates will only have access through MOODLE for the first two days of the survey in the Fall and Spring and then recieve a reminder email with an access link on Wednesday and Sunday of the open period.

Can I monitor response rates during the evaluation window?

  • Yes.  Faculty is invited to view their survey information before the window for the survey is scheduled to begin.   This course specific page contains the timing for survey, a course roster, and the response rate when the window is open.  Moodle access and page explanations can be found here.

What if my roster isn't correct?

  • Email the Administrator with student details, i.e. missing student name or dropped student name, for verification of participation.

Can I change the survey window?

  • The survey window is set by policy.  You must get approval from your department chair to modify the survey period.  Minor changes due to course structure or response rate can be accomodated.

What if there is more than one instructor for a course?

  • The new survey does not survey by instructor.  It surveys student learning for the course, therefore, all instructors will recieve the same report for student feedback for the course.

How can I increase my response rate?

  • We strongly advise faculty to provide students with scheduled class time (i.e. in your syllabus) to complete the survey.  A short narrative of strategies to increase response rates can be found here
  • Since the system is automated through emails, to increase response, we heavily rely on instructors informing their students that the surveys are going to begin, are in progress, and will end soon.
  • Students are more likely to complete the survey if they see value in them.  Talk to them about how you use the survey information.
  • The University of Oregon has an informative page for their course evaluations, Response Rates and Accuracy within this page the section I make difference in response rates? discusses how to increase response rates and follows with how to get more meaningful open comment answers.

How is confidentiality managed? 

  • Faculty cannot see which students have completed the survey, only who was invited and the response rate for the entire course.
  • You will never have access to student identifying information corresponding to responses.
  • The quantitative data is reported in aggregate form and the open comments are grouped together as unidentified typed text.  
  • You do not have access to the results report until after grades are submitted.
  • You will not see the result report if the threshold of three responses is ‘not met’.

When will the summary reports be available?

  • Reports will be available according to the following schedule:
  •  -Semester Courses – Two weeks after grades are due at the end of the term.
  •  -Quarter Courses – Monday after grades are due at the end of the term.
  •  -Trimester Courses – Two weeks after grades are due at the end of the term.
  • Reports may be withheld from individual instructors if grades have not been submitted by these dates.

 How do I access my reports?

  • You will receive an email from the system with a link to view your term reports.
  • You can access current and all historical online reports through your MOODLE page.  Instructions for MOODLE Access can be found here.

 Who sees the report results?

  • Instructors can see their own reports if the threshold for anonymity is reached (3 responses).
  • Department Chairs and Deans can access reports for their respective departments and schools.
  • The Provost and Vice-Provosts for undergraduate and graduate affairs have access to all reports.
  • Rank and Tenure committee has access to specific faculty reports.

 Where can I read the Faculty Governance regarding course evaluations?

  • The Faculty Handbook
  • 2d. & 3e.
  • -
  •       2.6.1-5