Institutional Assessment

Institutional assessment begins with learning outcomes that describe what all students—regardless of the field of specialization—are expected to know and be able to do when they earn their degree at SMC.

The achievement of these learning outcomes are both specific to the mission and distinctive vision of the Saint Mary’s College and also generally consistent with national standards for college- and university-level education in the United States. These learning outcomes are designed to prepare students for excellence in their disciplinary specialties and also prepare them for professional opportunities, citizenship in our global society, and a meaningful life characterized by lifelong learning and respect for the dignity of others. 

To date, the Faculty Senate has approved a set of learning outcomes for our undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduate institutional outcomes are framed around three of the Core Curriculum's learning areas, habits of mind, pathways to knowledge, and engaging the world, in addition to disciplinary expertise. A description of these outcomes can be found here. Graduate outcomes are framed around four primary areas of learning: knowledge, advanced skills, applied knowledge, and engaging the world. A description of graduate institutional outcomes can be found here.