Program Assessment

Degree-granting programs at SMC are poised to strengthen their assessment processes over the next several years.

From Spring 2012 to Summer 2015, our program-level goals for assessment include:

  • Inventorying existing assessment practice, as reported by programs.
  • Establishing credible and useful assessment activity in each degree-granting program.
  • Integrating program assessment and academic program review.
  • Incentivizing assessment capacity building while sharing/promoting best practices.

These goals and resulting activities, taken as a whole, are grounded in doing assessment for the purpose of improvement, as opposed to accountability. This purpose leads to an internal orientation that accepts our relationship with our accreditors while prioritizing the interests of our students, an approach that appreciates different disciplinary strengths and traditions, and a commitment to engage faculty and administrators in constructing assessment that is, first and foremost, useful, as well as manageable and sustainable.

Details about our future activities were shared at the 2012 All Faculty Day. The program-level assessment packet distributed at All Faculty Day included:

Department chairs are encouraged to refer to the Checklist for Program-level Assessment each year until Summer 2015.

The PowerPoint presentation from the Spring 2013 "open sessions" on program assessment can be found here [PDF]. 

Assessment Plan 2017-2019