Program Student Learning Outcomes

Campus-wide programs

Collegiate Seminar

English Composition

Honors Program

January Term


School of Economics & Business Administration

B.A., Business Administration

B.A., Economics

B.S., Accounting

B.S., Economics

M.B.A., Executive

M.B.A., Professional

M.B.A., Trans-Global Executive

M.S., Accounting

M.S., Financial Analysis and Investment Management


School of Education

Ed.D., Educational Leadership

M.A., Counseling

M.A., Early Childhood Education with Curriculum & Instruction Emphasis

M.A., Early Childhood Education with Montessori Emphasis

M.A., Early Childhood Education with Supervision & Leadership Emphasis

M.A., Educational Leadership

M.A., Montessori Elementary Education

M.A., Reading & Language Arts

M.A., Teaching

M.A., Teaching (for Teachers for Tomorrow)

M.A., Teaching Leadership

M.Ed., Montessori Education with Early Childhood Education Emphasis

M.Ed., Montessori Education with Elementary Education Emphasis

M.Ed., Reading & Language Arts

M.Ed., Special Education


School of Liberal Arts

B.A., Anthropology

B.A., Art and Art History

B.A., Classical Languages

B.A., Communication

B.A., English

B.A., French

B.A., History

B.A., Integral Program

B.A., Global & Regional Studies

B.A., Justice, Community & Leadership

B.A., Kinesiology

B.A., Leadership & Organizational Studies

B.A., Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP)

B.A., Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theater)

B.A., Philosophy

B.A., Politics

B.A., Sociology

B.A., Spanish

B.A., Theology & Religious Studies

B.A., Women's & Gender Studies

M.A., Kinesiology

M.A., Leadership

M.F.A., Creative Writing

Ethnic Studies


School of Science

B.A., Environmental & Earth Sciences

B.A., Math

B.S., Biochemistry

B.S., Biology

B.S., Chemistry

B.S., Environmental & Earth Studies

B.S., Health Science

B.S., Math

B.S., Physics

B.S., Psychology