Common Course Evaluation Questions from Students

Why should I complete the course evaluation?

  • Instructors use this valuable information to improve and enhance their courses.  They especially appreciate the time you take to write individual comments; constructive suggestions that may help the faculty member improve the lectures, readings, assignments, and exams are particularly helpful.  
  • Your feedback is also used to inform the faculty and administration about the effectiveness of the course and instruction on your learning.  It also provides important information for tenure and performance decisions made by the College.


How do I get access to my course evaluation questionnaires?

  • You will receive an email invitation with a link to your course evaluation questionnaire for each course when the evaluation period opens.
  • You can also access them through your MOODLE page.  Instructions for MOODLE access may be found HERE.


When are course evaluations?

  • The evaluation window is typically within the last two weeks of a semester and trimester course, including finals week.  Courses on the Quarter term will occur within the last 10 days of the course.  Courses with shorter or varying lengths will have a shorter evaluation window and could be on the last day of the course extended to one day after the course (see your specific course information).
  • All evaluations end at 11:59 pm on the 'Due Date'.


Can I use my mobile device for access?

  • Yes. The online evaluation system supports both cell phone and tablet mobile devices.  Most devices that can connect to the Internet will work, provided the browser is up to date.  


How long does it take to complete?

  • The average time for completion is 8 minutes.


Are all courses evaluated?

  • Yes. All courses are evaluated at SMC.  This includes independent study, internships, labs, athletics, graduate and doctoral level courses.  
  • Courses with fewer than three students are not reported to the instructor, but the data is collected and used in institutional reporting and may be viewed by administration.


Will my instructor know if I completed the evaluation questionnaire?

  • No. While instructors are able to view the response rates for their course, they cannot identify individual student completion status.


What about confidentiality and could my responses effect my grade?

  • We take many precautions to ensure student response confidentiality to eliminate the possibility of individual influence:
  • -Instructors can’t tell which students have completed an evaluation.
  • -Instructors never see any individual student responses.
  • -Instructor reports are a summary (aggregate) of the entire class responses.  There is no individual student identifying information in the report.  
  • -Instructors do not have access to the report until after grades are submitted to the Registrar.
  • -Courses with fewer than three students or responses are not reported to the instructor, but the information is valuable; it is used in institutional reporting.


Not all of my courses are appearing on my list.  What do I do?

  • Relax!  Evaluation windows are calculated by the course start and end dates so all your courses may not appear on your list at the same time.  You can wait a few days or ask the instructor when the evaluation will start for courses not on your list.


I keep getting reminder emails.  How do get them to stop?

  • Reminder emails continue until the evaluation has been SUBMITTED.  If you believe you have submitted all your evaluations and still get an email reminder, check your evaluation information page for an open/incomplete/in-progress evaluation.   Reminders will cease when ALL your evaluations are SUBMITTED.


What if I make a mistake?  Can I modify an evaluation that I’ve submitted?

  • Once you submit, you cannot go back and make changes.  However, if you believe you have made an error in your responses (i.e. reversed the scale, confused courses or instructors), please contact the course evaluation Administrator immediately or reply to an email sent from the system with your specific need; exceptions can be made to correct errors.


I’ve withdrawn from a course that still appears on my list.  What should I do?

  • Contact the Registrars office; you may not have been officially dropped from the course.  Please do not fill out the evaluation.