Evelyn Rumsby ’18: Rising Star Pens New Song

“Have a good week” is usually a kind expression that people say to one another. “Good Week” is also the name of a chart-rising jazz/pop fusion song written and performed by Evelyn Rumsby ’18. The Saint Mary’s alumna is highly regarded for her memorable performances as a lead singer with the Saint Mary’s Choir, and as a principal actor in the College’s highly acclaimed musical, Cabaret. She also holds the prestigious position of being the only student in the College’s history to graduate with a degree in Jazz Voice.

The San Jose native who goes by the artist name, Evelyn Rose (Rose is her middle name), expressed how her lifelong love of music was nurtured, supported, and refined by the professors she had in the Performing Arts Department. “The music program was small, but I loved it. I got so much attention and individual teaching, which was priceless,” said Rumsby. “It was a deeply comprehensive education. At first, I was concerned that maybe I should attend a music conservatory or a larger school, but I definitely made the right decision to attend Saint Mary’s. The attention that I was able to get from each professor helped me develop into the professional artist I am today,” she added.

Rumsby is passionate about the convergence of jazz and pop, which she uses as an opportunity to introduce younger people to the beauty of jazz. “I really care about bridging the two music genres because it allows people my age and younger to see how awesome jazz can be,” said Rumsby. “I come from a pretty artistic family, and my dad played a lot of jazz music when I was growing up. I got to listen to great singers like Ella Fitzgerald, and he’d take me to concerts to see Dave Brubeck and others.”

Writing music and performing is Rumsby’s calling, and she has been working on creating a catalogue of music to complete her first album. Her current single “Good Week” is available on streaming platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify. “I’ve received a ton of awesome comments and great reviews on the song, especially on social media,” shared Rumsby.

As with many songwriters, Rumsby was inspired to write the song after experiencing a personal heartbreak. “I had a hard breakup with my boyfriend, and I had good days and bad days. And with COVID, I didn’t have the distraction of being able to go out with friends,” said Rumsby. “I just wanted to have a good week, or a good day. It’s like I’m doing good today, but then tomorrow something else goes wrong. I just wanted one collective seven days that were good. So, that’s what the song is about. It was very cathartic to write “Good Week” and it helped to lift my spirits.”

When asked about her goals, Rumsby provided a crystal clear vision of what she has planned  for the future. “Within the next few years, I plan to have three more albums completed, and I’ll be doing live shows. I also plan to do professional musical theater, which I’ve always loved,” said Rumsby. “That will be awesome.”

To find out more about vocalist and songwriter Evelyn Rose (Rumsby), visit her website at: evelynrumsby.com. To check out her single “Good Week” go to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify or click here to listen on YouTube.