Mission Statement

The Events and Conferences Department provides for the efficient and effective coordination of College facilities and services for special events and conferences on the Saint Mary's College campus, as well as, the rental of facilities for the College community and off-campus organizations.

This coordination serves to assist and support the educational, religious, cultural, social and recreational development of those who utilize the College facilities.

The department will:

  • Provide information on policies and procedures required for sponsoring an event at the College.
  • Ensure that all events and conference programs meet the criteria for College facility utilization and service, as well as appropriate sponsorship if necessary.
  • Develop a list of facilities and services needed for the event.
  • Identify the logistical requirements such as space needs, food services, parking, housing, public safety, and equipment needs and will work with the appropriate campus offices to coordinate these matters.
  • Maintain a periodic check on the progress of the event, review all facilities and services for adherence to the program requirements.
  • Serve as a liaison to all facility users involved in the event.
  • Solicit necessary information relative to events and conferences for inclusion on the master schedule.
  • Provide for the preparation and dissemination of weekly updates of pertinent calendar information.