Analysis and Critical Thinking
GMAN 503 - Economic Analysis
This course introduces the requisite micro and macroeconomic tools needed to analyze business problems. The emphasis is on establishing a practical link between basic economic concepts and a wide range of contemporary business problems, including economic data analysis for business decision-making, forecasting, demand analysis, pricing, and cost analysis. Topics include market structure, cost and production, international trade and finance, national income determination, and monetary and fiscal policy.

GMAN 504 - Data Analysis in Business
This course provides you with quantitative tools that serve as the analytical foundation for subsequent courses in the program, including sharpening your computer spreadsheet skills. The use of data analysis to support managerial decisions will be emphasized. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, probability models, decision theory, applied statistical analysis, and deterministic forecasting models.

Broad Functional Knowledge
GMAN 505 - Forecasting and Operations Management
The forecasting portion of this course covers the use of multiple regression and time series analysis. The operations management portion covers topics that include process analysis and selection, waiting line management, statistical process control, linear programming, operations planning models, supply chain management, and project management.

GMAN 506 - Managerial Accounting
You will gain an introduction to accounting as a managerial tool for measuring, interpreting, and controlling business activity. The course includes the principles of financial accounting and cost accounting, and focuses on capital budgeting decisions, financing techniques, and practical problems in financial management.

GMAN 507 - Managerial Finance
You will study the principles of corporate finance and their application in business today. Topics include valuation theory, financial statement analysis, financial planning, management of cash, receivables and inventory, capital budgeting, capital structure and dividend policy, and long-term financing decisions.

GMAN 508 - Marketing Management
This course focuses on marketing analysis, marketing strategy development, and management of the marketing function. Topics include the role of marketing, marketing research, market segmentation, new product development, marketing mix, channels of distribution, marketing communication, and strategic market planning.

GMAN 509 - The Management of Technology and Innovation
This course is about the strategic management of technology and innovation.   The class is designed to answer the following question: “How do you leverage a technology/innovation into economic value?”  In answering this question the class will explore the technological, industrial and organizational contexts within which innovation occurs as well as develop an understanding of the structure and development of internal firm capabilities required to effectively implement innovation.

GMAN 513 - Managing Global Competition
This course examines the opportunities and problems of managing firms in an environment of global competition. The course has three broad areas: the international business environment, the sources and nature of competitive advantage in global industries, and global strategies. Topics include the process of globalization, the global financial and monetary system, cross-cultural management, comparative national business systems, organizational design for global competition, host country relations, and market assessment.

Responsible Leadership
GMAN 501 - Managing and Leading Contemporary Organizations
This course presents an analytical, theory-based study of managerial and organizational processes from a behavioral point of view. Readings from a wide variety of disciplines will acquaint you with many different perspectives used to analyze behavior in work settings. We will study organizational behavior problems related to motivation, leadership, job satisfaction, team dynamics, and organizational restructuring and ways to change them.

GMAN 502 - Management Communication
This course is designed to evaluate and sharpen your business writing and speaking skills. You will be introduced to argumentation as an advanced form of communication that is crucial for effective managerial performance. Other topics include the forms of professional writing, oral presentation, audience analysis, and copy editing. The emphasis is on the manager’s use of language as a tool to identify issues, solve problems and communicate policy.

GMAN 510 - Legal Aspects of Management
This course acquaints the student with common legal problems that managers encounter. Emphasis is placed on contract negotiation and formation, employment law, criminal and tort liability, various forms of unfair business practices, and the effect of anti-trust laws on business operation, strategy, marketing, and pricing. This short course is one-half quarter in length.

GMAN 511 - Ethical and Social Issues in Business
This course examines the relationship between business and its social setting. Topics include ethical principles and argument, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, ethics in international business, and the impact of external factors on law, politics, and regulation. This short course is one-half quarter in length.

GMAN 512 - Business Strategy
This course focuses on concepts and models useful in the formulation, analysis, and implementation of business unit and corporate strategy. Topics include industry analysis, building and sustaining competitive advantage, assessing business opportunities and threats, corporate diversification, and managing strategic change.

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