FAC CHATS with Dr. Loan Dao

Date & Time:
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 1 p.m.
You are cordially invited to our Fall 2020 Fac Chats series, which highlights critical and current research being conducted by SMC faculty.

Here to Stay: API Activists in the Immigrant Rights Movement

Meeting ID: 912 9881 9777

This talk aims to capture political identity formation that leads to political participation for undocumented and DACA AAPI youth. It considers how their status as undocumented or DACA helped them form a collective political identity, and in turn become active in the immigrant rights movement. Through strategic storytelling, they shape the narrative framing in both the immigrant rights and in AAPI communities.

Co-sponsored by the Intercultural Center and the SMC library Fac Chats is designed as a showcase for some of the critical approaches to research that SMC faculty accomplish behind the scenes, and as a forum for faculty, students, and staff from different disciplines to learn together in community and explore ideas that you might not encounter in class. They're sort of like TED Talks, in that they take some pretty complex ideas and present them in an accessible way--but we get the chance to go even deeper, with 30 minutes for the conversation and 15 minutes for Q&A.


Legacy Lee, Director, Delphine Intercultural Center

(925) 631-8358


FAC CHAT with Dr. Loan Dao