Faculty Bookshelf

A Mouth in California

Graham Foust
Flood Editions, 2009

Assistant professor of English Graham Foust's fourth book of poetry uses the "ironies and anxieties of contemporary life as a foil for mordant and sometimes violent humor," according
to Flood Editions. Publishers Weekly notes that Foust is widely known for his short poems. "In this collection he often lets his poems go on for a page or two, but sacrifices none of their power and concision," the review says.




Epic Recession: Prelude to a Global Depression

Jack Rasmus
Palgrave McMillan, 2010

Jack Rasmus, who teaches in the politics and economics departments, examines the current economic crisis and the relationships between the banking system's breakdown and the economy in general. According to the publisher, Rasmus shows that the current predicament is an "epic recession," not a depression or a short-lived contraction. He argues that the only way to prevent a depression is to restructure the economy through a massive job creation program, a new kind of banking structure and a redistribution of income through better health care and benefit systems.


The Oxygen Cost of Ventilation and Its Effect on the VO2 Plateau

Derek Marks
Verlag, 2009

Derek Marks, associate professor of kinesiology, writes about his research which finds that the muscles used to inflate and deflate the lungs compete with exercising muscles for blood, limiting endurance performance. This has implications for designing endurance training programs and the specific training of respiratory muscles to improve performance.