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Faculty Experts

Bedford Palmer II, PhD

Dr. Palmer is a licensed psychologist and an associate professor and chair of the counseling department at Saint Mary’s College of California.

Bedford Palmer IIHe holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and teaches courses in professional ethics, intercultural communication, human sexuality, psychological perspectives of gender, and advanced clinical practice to master’s level clinicians in-training. Dr. Palmer also provides individual psychotherapy, as well as DEIB consultation to local and national organizations. 

Dr. Palmer’s research interests involve social privilege attitudes, multicultural psychology, social justice advocacy, Black male development, ally identity development, multicultural competence, training of psychologists, and psychology in social media. He was the producer/co-host of the Naming It podcast, which focused on issues social justice, psychology, and Blackness. And he is also the author of the Healthy Conversation children’s book series, which is focused on teaching parents and children how to talk about race in way that is informative and empowering.

If you are member of the media and need assistance reaching the professor, or with another news topic, please contact Director of Media Relations Ben Enos at 925-631-4222 (office) or by email at

Social media: @drbfpalmer (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok)


"Daddy Why Am I Brown?": A healthy conversation about skin color and family. 

Black Joy: A Healthy Conversation About Race 

Expert Topics:

  • Counseling & Clinical Psychology 
    • Culturally Responsive Therapy
    • Black Psychology 
    • Clinical & Professional Ethics
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Mental Health
    • Professional Practice
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging 
    • Deconstructing systems of oppression
    • Navigating imposter feelings 
    • Implicit Bias
    • Addressing racism in the workplace 
  • Issues of Power & Privilege (ie, white privilege, male privilege, etc)
    • Navigating privilege as a person from a marginalized community 
    • Reducing the harm caused by one’s own privilege 
  • Talking about race and ethnicity to kids