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Middle East Politics
Human Rights / Prisoner's Rights
Entrepreneurship / Start Ups
Chemistry, Brownfields & STEM Education
Charter Schools / Social Movements (Occupy)
Environmental Air Quality
Energy Drink Safety, Biochemistry, Stem Cell Research
Business Student Mentoring / Accounting Practices
Energy: Oil, Natural Gas and Coal
American Contemporary Choreography
Women’s History / Environmental Justice
Film Studies / Iranian Cinema
E-Commerce / Branding
Religion and Sexual Orientation
Marketing / Global Business
Civil War History / Utopian Societies
Sexual Harassment / Employee Layoffs
Executive Compensation / Corporate Governance / Public Pensions
First Generation College Students / Video Games & Higher Ed
Medieval Studies / Vatican Art / Vatican History
Organizational Behavior
Race in Sports / Ancient History of Sports/ Oakland History
Technology in the classroom / Latino/a Poetry
Digital Culture / Filmmaking / Visual Arts
Gender Politics / Human Rights Movements
Early Christian History
Medieval Literary History / Camp in Popular Culture / Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Church and State Issues / Interfaith Dialogue
Catholic Social Justice / Catholic Theology
Elemetary School Reading Proficiency
Astronomy / Science and Faith
Special Education / Teacher Education and Leadership
Vatican History / Catholic Theology
Economic inequities / Global Financial Crisis
Utopian, Dystopian Socities in Film & TV / Race and Gender in Comics
Contemporary Classical Music / American Composers
Politics and the Press / Vatican History
Hip Hop History / Children of Gay Parents
Latin American History / Drug Trade in Mexico
Cyber Bullying  /   Teen Counseling
Labor Movement / Russian Politics
Consumer Purchasing Decisions / Business Operations
Women in Sports / Title IX
National & California Politics, SCOTUS & Environmental Pollicy