Arnav Sheth, PhD

A finance professor in Saint Mary's Graduate Business Program, Sheth can address issues surrouding risk taking in business, IPO's, corporate finances, tech start ups, stock purchases and virtual currencies such as bitcoin.

Arnav Sheth, Ph.D. Sheth also directs the College's graduate program in Financial Analysis and Investment Management (FAIM. His academic research include finding patterns and creating meaning out of data. Some call this data analytics, others call it behavioral mathematics. He is currently developing a portfolio optimization model that accounts for tail risk (the risk of extreme events occurring); and a model for trading foreign exchange.

Sheth's latest book Optimal Operating Strategies Under Stochastic Cash Flows was published in October 2011 by Lambert Academic Publishing. He holds a doctorate in Quantitative Finance, an MBA in Finance, and a Masters in Behavioral Economics, all from Rutgers University.

Sheth is best reached by email at For assistance reaching the professor, or with any questions about Saint Mary's faculty experts, contact Director of Media Relations Mike McAlpin by email at media or or by phone at (925) 631-4222.

You can also find out more about Sheth on his webpage "" and you can follow him on Twitter at @arnavsheth.