Br. Charles Hilken, Ph.D.

A professor of history, Hilken specializes in medieval history, the history of the papacy, papal elections and can address news issues surrounding Pope Francis and the Vatican.

Brother Charles Hilken, Ph.D.

As a professor of medieval history, Hilken served as a consultant for "Vatican Splendors," a traveling art exhibition featuring extraordinary works by masters including Michelangelo, Bernini, Giotto and Guercino, and objects dating back to the first century.

Brother Charles also wrote an article about the rituals surrounding a pope's death and burial, published in March 2003 in a museum catalog titled "St. Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes."

He can be contacted at (925) 631-4314 or at [email protected]. For assistance in reaching the professor, or with another news topic, please contact Director of Media Relations Mike McAlpin at 925-631-4222 (office), 925-878-9535 (cell) or by email at [email protected].