Dan Leopard, PhD

An associate professor in the Department of Communication, Leopard is an expert on the uses of digital media in education and on the history of film, television, and new media.

Dan Leopard, Ph.D., Communication DepartmentLeopard's research interests include digital culture and education, interactive media, documentary film and television and youth culture. He has published essays in Cinema Journal and the edited collections Joystick Soldiers: The Politics of Play in Military Video Games and Convergence Media History.

His recently published book Teaching with the Screen: Pedagogy, Agency, and Media Culture examinethe effectiveness of education, historically through technology, including television courses, classroom computer training and now thorough tablets, mobile devices and MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses).

He is currently researching a book entitled The Information Object in the Digital Age. He can be reached at dan.leopard1@stmarys-ca.edu or 310-779-4908.

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