James Hawley, Ph.D.

A professor in Saint Mary's Graduate Business Program, Hawley is an expert on corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, executive compensation and pension fund management. 

James Hawley, Ph.D.

Guarneri focuses on nineteenth and twentieth-century U.S. history and his research interest examines three primary areas: global and comparative approaches to American history, utopian societies and the Civil War.

Guarneri is also currently working on a book on Charles Dana, who was a former journalist, government official and somewhat of a PR representative for Union General Ulysses S. Grant, who, because of rumors of alcoholism, was the object of much concern to the War Department of President Abraham Lincoln.

He can be reached in his office at 925-631-4592 or by email at cguarner@stmarys-ca.edu

If you are member of the media and need assistance reaching the professor, or with another news topic, please contact Director of Media Relations Mike McAlpin at 925-631-4222 (office), 925-878-9535 (cell) or by email at mdm5@stmarys-ca.edu.