Myrna Santiago, Ph.D.

A history professor, Myrna Santiago specializes in 20th century Latin America, particularly Mexico, Central America and Cuba. Her recent teaching focuses on the war on drugs and U.S.-Latin American relations.

Myrna Santiago, Ph.D.Santiago can address the history of the drug trade in the U.S., the ongoing battle between Mexican drug cartels and how narcotics trafficking and revolutionary politics has impacted U.S.- Latin American relations and Latin American countries themselves.

Additionally, Santiago is an expert on the history of the oil industry in Mexico. In her book “The Ecology of Oil” (highlighted by the Wall Street Journal in Oct. 18, 2010), Santiago provided an analysis of labor and environment in the Mexican oil industry, exploring how environmental destruction, discrimination and racism, and labor activism played a role in the nationalization of the foreign oil companies that operated in Mexico until 1938. Santiago can be contacted at (925) 631-4606 or at [email protected].

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