Nancy Lam, PhD

A professor in SMC's Graduate Business Program, Nancy Lam can address issues relating to employee voice and silence within an organization and power dynamics in the workplace.

Professor Nancy LamLam's primary research focus is on the organizational, dyadic and individual dynamics that can impact the process of employee voice up, down and across the hierarchies.  In organizational life, employees' decisions to speak up about relevant work issues have a significant impact on the ability of managers to make informed decisions.  But employees often do not speak up. "It is common for people in the workplace to withhold voice from supervisors, or not speak up in situations where it can benefit the organization," Lam explained, "therefore the key to creativity and innovation is for management to unleash employee voice and act on employee input when employees do speak up."

Lam can be reached at 925-631-8718 or at If you are member of the media, on deadline, and need assistance reaching the professor, or with another news topic, please contact Director of Media Relations Ben Enos at 925-631-4222 (office) or by email at