This page contains both agendas and supporting documentation provided for specific agenda items.


May 16, 2013 AGENDA (click here)

Consent Agenda:

Psychology 195 revision (UEPC)

Program Change 3+2 Engineering (UEPC)

Program Change International Area Studies (UEPC)

Faculty Handbook revision for GPSEPC (GPSEPC)

Certificate Program, Leadership for Social Justice (GPSEPC)

ProQuest Policy for SMC Theses and Dissertations (GPSEPC)

Catalog Language revision re: Major Field of Study (AARC)


Faculty Welfare Committee Annual Report 2013

Faculty Welfare Committee Report on Faculty Salaries

---   Academic Affairs Faculty Salary Report to the FWC

---   Faculty Salary Data Report

---   CUPA faculty salary peer institutions

 Senate Resolutions on the First Year Advising Task Force Proposal

---   Appendix A

---   Appendix B

2013-2014 Core Curriculum Committee Working Groups List

2011-2013 Core Curriculum Committee Working Groups List

Tuition Exchange Proposal

Committee on Committees Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision on the CoC Role

Committee on Committees Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision on Faculty Elections



April 25, 2013 AGENDA (click here)

Supporting documentation:

Consent agenda:


--  Program Closure Nursing 2+2

--  Course Change - Politics 140

                              - Politics 110

--  New Course Politics 129

--  New Course Art History 190

--  New Study Abroad Proposal - University Technology Sydney


--  Suspended Enrollment in the READ Program in the KSOE


Core Curriculum Committee Year-end report

Social, Historical & Cultural Understanding Assessment



Faculty Handbook Revision Required for New Credit-Hour Policy

Amended Faculty Handbook Language describing the Faculty Welfare Committee

Resolution re: the Provost Model

Resolution for Br. Ronald Gallagher

First-Year Advising Task Force Final Report


April 4, 2013

Consent Agenda: 

-   New Minor: Art Theory & Criticism

-   New Concentration Proposal: Ethnic Studies, Intergroup Dialog/Interactive Theatre

-   New Course Proposal: Accounting 178

Employee Benefits Advisory Committee

Convocation Resolution


March 7, 2013

Consent Agenda:  Perfa 160: Directing for the Stage

                            Perfa 60: Special Topics in Performing Arts

                            Perfa 130: Foundations II

                            Health Sciences - change in name/math requirement

                            Psych 169: Attitudes and Attitude Change

Honors Program Priority Registration Proposal

Committee on Committees Rules of Procedures

First Year Task Force Recommendation


February 14, 2013

Supporting Documents:

Resolution for a Smoke-Free Campus

Smoke-Free Campus Proposal

Adjunct Faculty Position Protocol


January 16, 2013

Supporting documents:

Consent Agenda:

---  New Course PHYS 102

---  Catalog Language change PERFA 132/142

Adjunct Faculty Position Protocol

Update on the Online Course Evaluation Pilot

Smoke Free Campus Proposal


December 6, 2012

Supporting documents:

Consent Agenda:

--- Art 196

--- Art Theory & Criticism Major

--- Proposal to update requirements of the Psychology Major

Rules of Procedure for the January Term Committee

Rules of Procedure for the Admissions and Academic Regulations Committee

Rules of Procedure for the Program Review Committee

Rules of Procedure for the Collegiate Seminar Governing Board

Rules of Procedure for the Graduate & Professional Studies Educational  Policies Committee

Employee Benefits Advisory Committee

   Synopsis for the EBAC

AARC Proposal Student Handbook language for the Academic Appeal Process

Memorandum of Understanding re: Adjunct Faculty Lines


November 15, 2012

Supporting documents:

Consent Agenda:

---  Academic Calendar (from the UEPC)
---  Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies (BALOS) from GPSEPC
       --- GPSEPC Comments

Rules of Procedure for the Faculty Welfare Committee

Rules of Procedure for the Core Curriculum Committee

Memoranda of Understanding: Reduced Services

October 25, 2012

Supporting documents:

Consent agenda:

---   Psychology Proposal for Catalog Changes

---   Biology New Course Proposal

---   Art History Proposal for Catalog Change

---   Engineering Proposal for Catalog Change

Rank and Tenure Proposal re: Pre-Professor Review

Faculty Handbook Changes re: Sabbatical Eligibility

---   Senate Proposal to Amend the Sabbatical Eligibility Proposal

Employee Benefits Advisory Committee

---Synopsis re: EBAC

Rules of Procedure for the Faculty Welfare Committee

Rules of Procedure for the Core Curriculum Committee

September 27, 2012

For all documents related to the calendar issue, see the documents posted under the September 13th and September 6th agenda.

Summary of Calendar Models

Senate Resolution on Minimum Baccalaureate Program

Number of Classes Needed to Fulfill the Various Models

Valuation of Labs and the Like

Credit Hour Policy 2013-2014

 Survey on Credit Hour Policy and Models - (Presented by the Faculty Welfare Committee)

 Minimum Credit Hours Required for Graduation - REVISED


September 13 and September 19, 2012

Documents for the Academic Calendar and Credit Hour Policy open fora:


September 6, 2012

Supporting documentation:

Credit Hour Policy and Academic Calendar Proposals

Online Teaching Evaluation Proposal

R&T Recommendations regarding Pre-professor Review


August 21, 2012

Senate Rules of Procedure

Senate Subcommittee Procedures