Spring Term 2014

Archive for agendas and supporting documents for Spring Term 2014.

May 22, 2014

Integral Petition to the Senate

Academic Administrators Evaluation Committee Handbook Revisions

Update of Faculty Committees and Handbook Revisions (CoC)
   -   Faculty Handbook Revisions
   -   Summary of Changes to Committees

Rank & Tenure Committee Proposed Calendar Changes
   -   Rational for Deadline changes
   -   New R&T Deadline summary

Undergraduate Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Online Course Evaluations Faculty Petition

Consent Agenda - UEPC:
   Cinematic Arts Minor
Letter from Communication

May 15, 2015

Supporting documents:

GPSEPC End of Year 2013/2014 Summary

Program Review Committee Year-End Report

Consent Agenda - UEPC:
- Revision of Theology and Religious Studies Major
- Behavioral Neuroscience Concentration

FH Selection and Appointment Procedures

Core Curriculum Committee Year-End Report 2013-2014

Faculty Welfare Committee Reports:
- Faculty Salary Policy
- 2014-2015 Salary Scale
- 2014 Faculty Pay Scale Calculations & Medians

Report from First Year Advising Steering Committee

Core Curriculum Committee 2014-2015 Working Groups

Liberal & Civic Studies Proposals
- Cover letter for revised curriculum for L&CS
- LIkely Questions about the L&CS to JCL Proposal
- JCL Proposed changes to the Liberal & Civic Studies Program
- JCL Course Table by Track
- JCL Academic Name Change Proposal
- Support letter from KSOE for JCL

Integral Curriculum of Liberal Arts -Summary Argument & Petition to the Academic Senate

Committee on Committees Proposed Changes to Committee Memberships

Committee on Committees Proposed Changes to Faculty Handbook for Senate Committees

Rank and Tenure New Schedule of Deadlines

Rank and Tenure Calendar/Deadlines - Due Dates

Faculty Petition, Administration of Online Course Evaluations

Academic Administrators Evaluation Committee (AAEC) Faculty Handbook Revisions

Academic Administrators Evaluation Committee Rationale for Revision




April 24, 2014


Supporting documentation:

Faculty Handbook Language, Selection Procedures
Double Majors, AARC Response to Senate
Proposal for Structure of the Core Curriculum Committee
Commendation for Br. Armin A. Luistro
Faculty Petition to Change Senate Meeting Days to Wednesdays at Community Time
Resolutions from Department Chairs/Program Directors:
  -  Access to Majors' Class Rosters
  -  Access to Course Evaluations
  -  Access to Petitioning Students' Program Evaluations
  -  Access to Advising Files
Resolution to Stream Senate meetings
Online Course Evaluations

Consent Agenda- UEPC:

  -  POL 100 Course Proposal
  -  PERFA 80, Dance Science
  -  Revisions and Changes to Liberal and Civic Studies

Consent Agenda - GPSEPC:

  -  Changes to BALOS and LEAP programs under the core curriculum

March 27, 2014

Supporting Documentation:

Consent Agenda: 

---   New Course Proposal, TRS 127: In the Face of Mystery: Using Faith & Reason in the Search for God
---   New Course Proposal, Hist 114: Warfare in Medieval Europe
---   Modern Mathematics Major Proposal

FH Section 2.3, Selection and Appointment Procedures
Proposal for Structure of the Core Curriculum Committee
Faculty Petition to change Senate meeting days to Wednesdays at Community Time

March 6, 2014

Supporting Documentation:

Asian Dance Proposal
FH Language re: Chair Duties
Faculty Handbook Language re: Selection and Appointment Procedures
Core Curriculum Committee Update

February 13, 2014

Supporting documents:

R&T Issues for Consideration
Online Student Evaluation - Timeline
Online Student Evaluation - Draft
Online Student Evaluation - Response Rates
Current FH Handbook Language re Student Evaluations
Faculty Handbook Change re: Chair Duties
Faculty Handbook Language re: Selection and Appointment Procedures