Current Senate Actions


Senate Action 2017-2018 - Click here to view the list of Senate Actions and the status.

S-17/18-1  -   Core Curriculum Committee Working Groups for 2017-2018

S-17/18-2  -  Senate Rules of Procedure for 2017-2018

S-17/18-3  -  Resolution re Path to Graduation

S-17/18-4  -  Resolution on the Reporting of Faculty Salary Comparisons - FH sections and 2.15

S-17/18-5  -  Core Curriculum Committee Report for 2016-2017

S-17/18-6  -  Faculty Petition on Title IX

S-17/18-7  -  Faculty Welfare Committee Faculty Activities Survey

S-17/18-8CA  -  Change to the Allied Health Science Major

S-17/18-9CA  -  Change in Major Requirements for Performing Arts

S-17/18-10CA  -  New Permanent Course Proposal - English 122: Law and Literature

S-17/18-11CA  -  New Permanent Course Proposal - Sem 146: Common Good Seminar, Question of Citizenship

S-17/18-12CA  -  Catalog Changes for Psychology Major and Minor

S-17/18-13CA  -  Permanent status for Psychiology 129: Cognitive Neurolinguistics

S-17/18-14CA  -  Permanent Status for Anthropology 117: Anthropology of Religion and Gender

S-17/18-15  -  Various Faculty Handbook Changes to Correct the Vice Provost position and the Dean of the Core position

S-17/18-16  -  Faculty Handbook 3.2.1 - Academic Calendar revision

S-17/18-17  -  Various Faculty Handbook revisions to repair the term "ranked faculty" with "tenure-track faculty" throughout the FH, to be in line with the Collective Bargaining Agreement terminology

S-17/18-18  -  Faculty Handbook - SMC Budget Committee revision

S-17/18-19  -  Faculty Handbook, SMC Campus Facilities Planning Committee revision

S-17/18-20  -  FH - Referal of proposal to FWC re: Progression through rank during unpaid personel leave

S-17/18-21  -  Resolution re: Business and Academic Review Committee (BARC)

S-17/18-22  -  FH, Faculty Handbook Coordinator appointment

S-17/18-23  -  FH 2.11.1, remove "Academic Senate meetings" from expected service

S-17/18-24CA  -  Cloud Computing new course in MS in Business Analytics

S-17/18-25  -  Academic Calendar 2019-2020

S-17/18-26  -  Academic Calendar 2020-2021

S-17/18-27  -  Academic Calendar 2021-2022

S-17/18-28  -  Rank and Tenure Task Force Charge

S-17/18-29CA  -  Minor in Computer Science

S-17/18-30CA  -  Revised Concentration in Psychology

S-17/18-31CA  -  Changes to Kinesiology Prerequisites

S-17/18-32CA  -  Proposal for a Capstone Course-English Department

S-17/18-33CA  -  Revision to the English Major

S-17/18-34CA  -  Redesign of the French Program

S-17/18-35CA  -  New Permanent Course-Psychology 011, Early Childhood Social-Emotional & Literacy Development

S-17/18-36CA  -  New Concentration in ther JCL Minor, MSTE Integrated

S-17/18-37CA  -  Significant Course Revision OPS 811 SEBA Data Visualization

S-17/18-38CA  -  Change in Course number to English 101










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