SENATE ACTIONS 2015-2016     [Click here to view the list of Senate actions and their status.]

S-15/16-1  -  Senate Rules of Procedure for 2015-16






SENATE ACTIONS 2014-2015     [Click here to view the list of Senate actions and their status.]


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S-14/15-1  -  Senate Rules of Procedure

S-14/15-2  -  Rules of Procedure for the Faculty Welfare Committee

S-14/15-3CA  -  4+1 Progression of the MA in Leadership for Social Justice

S-14/15-4   -   BALOS Core Curriculum Waiver for Theological Understanding Course for Fall 2014

S-14/15-5   -   Motion to Postpone Implementation of the Cinematic Arts Minor

S-14/15-6CA   -   One-Year Extension to Implement the Core Curriculum for LEAP

S-14/15-7   -   Resolution on the Responsible Use of Social Media

S-14/15-8CA  -  Psych 163 - New Course Proposal, Prejudice and Stereotyping

S-14/15-9CA  -  Change in Psych 8 to Psych 168, African-American Psychology

S-14/15-10CA  -  Perfa 138, Portfolio, permanent approval

S-14/15-11CA  -  Physics Modification of a major, BS and BA degree tracks

S-14/15-12CA  -  Math 5 and 6 - Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School Teachers I and II

S-14/15-13CA  -  WGS 126, New Course Proposal, Engaging Comunities

S-14/15-14CA  -  Integral Petition for Limited Waivers from the Core Curriculum

S-14/15-15  -  Resolution on Faculty Parking

S-14/15-16  -  Discontinuation of the READ Certificate and Master's Degree Programs in the
                          Kalmanovitz School of Education

S-14/15-17  -  Academic Calendar Approval: Academic Years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017

S-14/15-18CA  -  New course proposal -  Bio 34 Protecting Biodiversity

S-14/15-19CA  -  New course proposal - AH 100 Women and Art

S-14/15-20CA  -  French 10 to French 5, Intro to French Studies

S-14/15-21CA  -  French 11 (lower-division) to French 100 (upper-division -deleting existing French 100): French Literary Perspectives

S-14/15-22CA  -  School of Science Lab Credit Proposal

S-14/15-23CA  -  Graduate Certificate Options: MFA in Dance

S-14/15-24CA  -  MA in Leadership, new concentration proposal: Fostering Transformative Learning and Change in Human Systems

S-14/15-25  -  Dissolution of Social Justice Coordinating Committee, FH

S-14/15-26  -  FH Revision, Human Research Institutional Review Board

S-14/15-27  -  Resolution to Expand the Tuition Exchange Program

S-14/15-28  -  Revised Rules of Procedure for the Undergraduate Educational Policies Committee

S-14/15-29  -  FH Revision, Collegiate Seminar Governing Board Membership

S-14/15-30  -  Committee on Committees Rules of Procedure 2015

S-14/15-31  -  Create a Task Force to Review the Current Content of the Course Evaluations and Recommend any Revisions

S-14/15-32CA  -  Changes to the Spanish Major

S-14/15-33CA  -  BALOS New Contact Hour Requirements

S-14/15-34CA  -  BALOS Proposal to Address the Seminar Requirement

S-14/15-35CA  -  BusAd 108 New Course Proposal, Interfaith Leadership in Business and the Professions

S-14/15-36CA  -  Interfaith Leadership Minor

S-14/15-37CA  -  Permanent Course Approval Perfa 42, Intro to Technical Theatre

S-14/15-38CA  -  New Course Aprovals: Collegiate Seminar 001, Critical Strategies & Great Questions;  CS 002 Western Traditions I; and CS 102 Western Tradisions I for Transfer Students

S-14/15-39  -  Commendation for Brother Robert Schieler, FSC

S-14/15-40  -  Academic Calendar Approval for AY 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

S-14/15-41CA  -  Modern Languages Proposal - lower division language courses

S-14/15-42  -  Advising of Transfer Students

S-14/15-43  -  Proposal on Global Perspectives

S-14/15-44  -  FH Department Chairs - Revision of description of the work of department chairs

S-14/15-45CA  -  Minor in Cinematic Arts (Also see S-13/14-47CA and S-14/15-5)

S-14/15-46CA  -  Proposal for Permanent Approval of Math 103: Introduction to Upper Division Mathematics

S-14/15-47CA  -  Increase credit ART 195: Gallery Exhibitions, from .25 to .50

S-14/15-48  -  Change to Politics Major adding a .25 capstone course

S-14/15-49  -  Faculty Petition on Gender Bias Against Women Faculty in Student-Based Course Evaluations

S-14/15-50  -  Petition for Senate Action re Bias on the Part of Students, Against Faculty on the Basis of Race, Ethnicity and Foreign Accent in Student-Based Course Evaluations

S-14/15-51  -  Sense of the Senate Resolution re: 4-1-4 Plus or 5th Course

S-14/15-52  -  Position Statement on Ranked Faculty Participation in Jan Term and Collegiate Seminar

S-14/15-53  -  Faculty Handbook Faculty Welfare Committee, membership revision

S-14/15-54  -  Core Curriculum Committee Working Groups for 2015-2016

S-14/15-55  -  Discontinue Videotaping of the Academic Senate Meetings

S-14/15-56CA  -  New Course Approval TRS 189: The Bible and its Interpretation, Great Themes

S-14/15-57CA  -  New Permanent course TRS 128: The Trinity

S-14/15-58CA  -  Kinesiology Activity Proposal

S-14/15-59CA  -  New Course Approval PHED 003: Intercollegiate Athletics

S-14/15-60CA  -  New Permanent Course Approval CHEM 113 and 113L: Analytical Chemistry

S-14/15-61CA  -  New Areas of Concentration in the MA in Leaership Program:  1) Social Innovation Labs for System Change, and 2) Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation.

S-14/15-62CA  -  Provisional Approval for Perfa 347 and 348 in the MFA Dance degree

S-14/15-63CA  -  Provisional Approval for Perfa ???(TBD) Teaching Practicum

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