Current Senate Actions


Senate Action 2017-2018 - Click here to view the list of Senate Actions and the status.

S-17/18-1  -   Core Curriculum Committee Working Groups for 2017-2018

S-17/18-2  -  Senate Rules of Procedure for 2017-2018

S-17/18-3  -  Resolution re Path to Graduation

S-17/18-4  -  Resolution on the Reporting of Faculty Salary Comparisons - FH sections and 2.15

S-17/18-5  -  Core Curriculum Committee Report for 2016-2017

S-17/18-6  -  Faculty Petition on Title IX

S-17/18-7  -  Faculty Welfare Committee Faculty Activities Survey

S-17/18-8CA  -  Change to the Allied Health Science Major

S-17/18-9CA  -  Change in Major Requirements for Performing Arts

S-17/18-10CA  -  New Permanent Course Proposal - English 122: Law and Literature

S-17/18-11CA  -  New Permanent Course Proposal - Sem 146: Common Good Seminar, Question of Citizenship

S-17/18-12CA  -  Catalog Changes for Psychology Major and Minor

S-17/18-13CA  -  Permanent status for Psychiology 129: Cognitive Neurolinguistics

S-17/18-14CA  -  Permanent Status for Anthropology 117: Anthropology of Religion and Gender

S-17/18-15  -  Various Faculty Handbook Changes to Correct the Vice Provost position and the Dean of the Core position

S-17/18-16  -  Faculty Handbook 3.2.1 - Academic Calendar revision

S-17/18-17  -  Various Faculty Handbook revisions to repair the term "ranked fculty" with "tenure-track faculty" throughout the FH, to be in line with the Collective Bargaining Agreement terminology

S-17/18-18  -  Faculty Handbook - SMC Budget Committee revision

S-17/18-19  -  Faculty Handbook, SMC Campus Facilities Planning Committee revision






S-16/17-1  -  Senate Rules of Procedure
S-16/17-2CA  -  UEPC Procedures for Proposals for New Permanent Courses
S-16/17-3CA  -  UEPC Procedures for Experimental Courses
S-16/17-4CA  -  PERFA 121, Orchestration new permanent course
S-16/17-5CA  -  BusAd 135, International Financial Management permanent course approval
S-16/17-6CA  -  BusAd 137, Advanced Quantitative Methods permanent course approval
S-16/17-7CA  -  Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication Provisional Approval
S-16/17-8CA  -  Faculty Welfare Committee Rules of Procedure
S-16/17-9CA  -  2016-2017 Core Curriculum Committee Working Groups
S-16/17-10  -  Resolution re: Senate Liaisons and Executive Meetings
S-16/17-11CA - GRS 130, Special Topics New Permanent Course and Changes to the Major
S-16/17-12 - (See S-15/16-71) Grade Distribution Data FH section to be removed from the FH, Provost did not approve
S-16/17-13  -  Senate endorses FWC Report on Faculty Salary Task Force
S-16/17-14CA  -  UEPC Rules of Procedure
S-16/17-15CA  -  JCL Update for TFT and the JCL Minor
S-16/17-16CA  -  GMAN 713, International Competition and GMAN 754, International Travel Course
S-16/17-17  -  FH revision to Nominations and Eligibility for faculty elections
S-16/17-18  -  FH revision, GPSEPC description
                  -  11-12-17 Follow-up to Provost response for revision.  Revised FH language document sent to Provost.
S-16/17-19  -  FH revision, Senate Meetings
S-16/17-20CA - Perfa 185 Pedagogy, Teaching Dance
S-16/17-21CA - Perfa 135, Bay Area Theatres and change in prerequisite
S-16/17-22CA - Perfa 161, Theatre & American Cultures, change in prerequisite
S-16/17-23CA - A change in one upper division requirement for Theatre Majors
S-16/17-24CA - MFA in Dance (Senate Action letter)
-----   MFA in Dance Proposal
-----   MFA in Dance Budget information
S-16/17-25 - FH revisions:,,,, reflecting the elimination of the Senate liaisons
S-16/17-26 - Senate acceptance of the Diversity Task Force Report letter to Provost
     ------The Academic Senate Diversity Task Force Report Addressing Hiring
            of African-American and Black Faculty

S-16/17-27 - Resolution: Increase of African-American and Black Faculty at Saint Mary's
    -    Provost Response
S-16/17-28 - Proposal for a revised Executive MBA Program, School of Economics and Business Administration
S-16/17-29CA - Perfa 114L, Sight Singing I permanent approval
S-16/17-30CA - Perfa 117L, Sight Singing II permanent approval
S-16/17-31CA - Perfa 120, Conducting permanent approval
S-16/17-32 - Resolution for the Creation of a Full-Time Diversity Officer and Office of Diversity
S-16/17-33 - Resolution re: Inclusive Training and Funds
                    S-16/16-33 - Revised Resolution based on Provost response May 2017
S-16/17-34 - Academic Senate Course Evaluation Task Force Pilot Proposal
S-16/17-35CA - Perfa 018 Lyric Diction Permanent Approval
S-16/17-36CA - Perfa 116 Keyboard Harmony Permanent Approval
S-16/17-37CA - Name Change for KINES 014 and Catalog description  change
S-16/17-38CA - New Program for Mathematics 4 + 1 Secondary Teacher Program
S-16/17-39CA - SOC 008, Gaels 4 Justice permanent approval
    -    Provost Response
S-16/17-40CA - COMM 133, Video Production prerequisite changes
S-16/17-41CA - COMM 132, Audio Production Prerequisite changes
S-16/17-42CA - COMM 143, Advanced Media Production Prerequisite changes
S-16/17-43CA - POL 113, Just and Unjust Wars permanent approval
S-16/17-44CA - POL 131, Politics of Imprisonment permanent approval
S-16/17-45CA - POL 110 Name Change from Politics and Race to Politics of Race
S-16/17-46CA - POL 121, Name Change from Intern'l Political Economy to Governing the Global Economy
S-16/17-47CA - POL 147, Name Change from Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Politics to Russian Politics from Lenin to Putin
S-16/17-48CA - Change in learning outcomes for Psychology - reducing seven to four
S-16/17-49CA - Changes in course descriptions and a name change for PSYCH 152 from Clinical Psychology to Psychopathology
S-16/17-50CA - Integration of PSYCH 1 and PSYCH 2
S-16/17-51CA - Name Change for the EMBA Program from MS-FAIM to MS-Finance
S-16/17-52CA - New Minor in JCL - Single Subject 4+1
S-16/17-53 - Resolution for Search Procedures to Meet Hiring Goals for African-American and Black Faculty
    -    Provost Response
S-16/17-54 - Resolution for Department Sanctions recommended by the Program Review Committee for late program reviews
S-16/17-55  -  Establish a Faculty Inclusive Training Task Force
S-16/17-56  -  R&T Faculty Handbook Revisions (various)
S-16/17-57  -  Commendation for Bro. Peter Bray
S-16/17-58  -  FH Revision 2.15.1, Salary Administration
S-16/17-59CA  -  COMM 104, Understanding Digital Culture Permanent Approval
S-16/17-60CA  -  Revised Policy to Audit a Course
S-16/17-61CA  -  Revision of BusAd Major - Digital Media Concentration
S-16/17-62CA  -  TRS 125, Theologies of Liberation Permanent Approval
S-16/17-63CA  -  JCL Program - A New Concentration: Integrated Special Education Teacher Preparation Program (INSTEP)
S-16/17-64CA  -  ES 101: Critical Race Theory Permanent Approval
S-16/17-65CA  -  Rome Institute of Liberal Arts (RILA) - Study Abroad Program
S-16/17-66CA  -  Minor in Digital Studies
S-16/17-67CA  -  Name Change from Transglobal MBA (TGEMBA) to Global MBA ( GEMBA)
S-16/17-68CA  -  a New Graduate Program: Master of Arts in Teaching Final Approval
S-16/17-69  -  R&T FH Revision:  FH 2.6.1 - Statement on Criteria for Promotion and Tenure
S-16/17-70  -  R&T FH Revision:  FH - Faculty, Department and School Procedures












SENATE ACTIONS 2015-2016     [Click here to view the list of Senate actions and their status.]

S-15/16-1  -  Senate Rules of Procedure for 2015-16
S-15/16-2CA  -  Faculty Welfare Committee 2015-2016  Polilcies and Procedures
S-15/16-3  -  UEPC Proposal re: Redesignation of Courses
S-15/16-4CA  -  UEPC Procedures for Approval of New Courses Within New/Revised Degree Programs
S-15/16-5CA  -  TRS 118 Women and the Bible, New Permanent Course Proposal
S-15/16-6CA  -  TRS 135 Christian Liturgy and Sacrament, New Permanent Course Proposal
S-15/16-7CA  -  KINES 128 Global Impact of Physical Inactivity, New Permanent Course Proposal
S-15/16-8CA  -  UEPC Rules of Procedure, 2015-16
S-15/16-9CA  -  Permanent Status of BusAd 010, Global Perspectives in Business and Society
S-15/16-10CA - Prerequisite Change for PERFA 184, Dance in Performance
S-15/16-11CA - New Minor in Law and Society
S-15/16-12CA - Name Change for BIO 1 (from Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics to: Intro to Cell
                            Biology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
S-15/16-13CA - Resolution for a Course Release for the Chair of the Program Review Committee
S-15/16-14      - Motion to Enact #1 under "Next Steps" of the Academic Senate Course Evaluation
                             Taskforce Report
S-15/16-15      - Committee on Teaching and Scholarship to be advisory to both the Office of Faculty
                             Development and the Office of Research
S-15/16-16      -  Faculty Handbook Revisions, Core Curriculum Committee and CCC procedures
S-15/16-17      -  Sense of the Senate resolution, Early Review of the Board of Trustees Faculty Salary Policy
S-15/16-18      -  Diversity Task Force Proposal
S-15/16-19CA  -  Perfa 152 Making Theatre, One-Act Plays
S-15/16-20CA  -  Hist 121 Reinstate History 114, Early Modern Europe
S-15/16-21CA  -  History 125, Women in European History
S-15/16-22CA  -  JCL 150, Advanced Leadership Theory
S-15/16-23CA  -  TRS 173, The Virgin Mary
S-15/16-24CA  -  ES 110, Yough Cultures, Identities and New Ethnicities
S-15/16-25CA  -  Department of Modern Languages Name Change
S-15/16-26CA  -  PHED 003, Intercollegiate Athletics
S-15/16-27CA  -  MA-CS 192, Digital Literacy, Web Programming
S-15/16-28CA  -  MA-CS 002, Digital Literacy, Introduction to Web Design
S-15/16-29CA  -  Withdrawal/Readmission Policy
S-15/16-30       -  Accounting Labs 160L, 161L, 162L, 164L permanent approval
S-15/16-31CA   - BusAd 110: Entrepreneurship permanet approval letter
                              BusAd 110: Entrepreneurship proposal
S-15/16-32CA  -  BusAd 111: New Venture Financing permanent approval letter
                              BusAd 111: New Venture Financing proposal
S-15/16-33CA  -  BusAd 112: Small Business Management permanent approval letter
                              BusAd 112: Small Business Management proposal
S-15/16-34CA  -  Hist 010: Introduction to Historical Methods letter
                              Hist 010: Introduction to Historical Methods proposal
S-15/16-35CA  -  New Concentration in Business Analytics (SEBA)
S-15/16-36CA  -  ESS 150: Environmental and Physical Geology of the Parks permanent approval
S-15/16-37CA  -  Splitting of Spanish 130 Special Topics into ML 130, 131, 132
S-15/16-38       -  FH Revision and GPSEPC to be responsible academic
                               regulations for graduate and professional studies programs
S-15/16-39       -  FH Revision 1l7l4l13: CCC Chair proposal back to CoC
S-15/16-40   -   Priority Registration for High Potential Sphere of Success Students
S-15/16-41   -   FH revision: Promotion & Tenure Reviews
S-15/16-42   -   FH revision - Confidentiality (c. through e.)
S-15/16-42 REVISED
S-15/16-43CA   -   EDUC 020: Introduction to the Teaching Profession, permanent approval
S-15/16-44CA   -   SOC 107: Whiteness, permanent approval
S-15/16-45CA   -   POL 117: Theory of Law, permanent approval
S-15/16-46CA   -   BIOL 192-193-194: Special Topic Series - Organismal Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Evolution and Ecology
S-15/16-47CA   -   Update to Bio 40/41: Introductory Microbiology/Microbes and Society
S-15/16-48CA   -   PERFA 180 & 180L: Laban and Bartenieff Movement
S-15/16-49CA   -   TRS 129: Theological Foundations
S-15/16-50CA   -   CLSL 100: Classical Mythology, permanent status
S-15/16-51CA   -    Philosophy 120: Christian Hermeneutics title change to The Bible and Philosophy
S-15/16-52CA   -   Acctg 162: Advanced Accounting name change to Intermediate Accounting III
S-15/16-53CA   -   SOC 119: Social Globalization, new course
S-15/16-54CA   -   Psych 131: Transpersonal Psych, permanent approval
S-15/16-55CA   -   Math 006: Mathematic Concepts for the elementary School Teacher II, prerequisite change
S-15/16-56CA   -   JCL 130: Environmental Responsibility in the Global Community name change to Environmental Justice
S-15/16-57CA   -   ES 196: Senior Capstone, permanent approval
S-15/16-58CA   -   Ethnic Studies Minor changes
S-15/16-59CA   -   New Ethnic Studies Major
S-15/16-60   -   Commendation for Brother Thomas Johnson, FSC
S-15/16-61   -   FH 3.2.1 revision, Grade Distribution
S-15/16-62CA   -   Prerequisite changes for Perfa 147 Costume Design, Perfa 148 Lighting Design, and Perfa 149 Scenic Design
S15/16-63CA   -  History Sequence and Catalog Changes
S-15/16-64CA  -  BusAd 129 Global Marketing new permanent course approval
S-15/16-65CA  -  BusAd 128 Consumer Behavior New Permanent Course Approval
S-15/16-66CA  -  BusAd 113 Business in the Digital Age New Course Approval
S-15/16-67CA  -  JCL 120 Theory and Inquiry in Justice, Community and Leadership New Permanent Course Approval
S-15/16-68CA  -  New Study Abroad Program - Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca, Mexico
S-15/16-69CA  -  New Exchange and Study Abroad Program - Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea
S-15/16-70CA  -  Name Change: Operations Management and Quantitative Methods Department to Business Analytics Department
S-15/16-71  -  FH, Grade Distribution Data (new language)
S-15/16-72  -  FH FH language for the First Year Advising Steering Committee (new language)
S-15/16-73  -  Revision of FH Program Review Committee
S-15/16-74  -  Revision of FH Rank and Tenure Committee
S-15/16-75  -  Revision of FH Promotion and Tenure Reviews
S-15/16-76  -  Revision of FH 2.6.1 Teaching Effectiveness