Vice President Michael Beseda report on Enrollment 10-1-09

Joel Burley report on the Faculty Welfare Committee 10-1-09


S-09/10-1 -Implementation process for Core Curriculum Implementation Committee

S-09/10-2 - External Speaker and Public Event Policy

S-09/10-3 - Resolution regarding the closure of the Studies for International and Multilingual Students (SIMS)

S-09/10-4 - AARC proposed Handbook revision, (add advising to role of AARC)

S-09/10-5CA - New Course Proposal Liberal & Civic Studies 123, Modern Global Issues

S-09/10-6 - Three-year Academic Calendar -- 2011-2014

S-09/10-7 - Collegiate Seminar Governing Board revised Membership for an elected committee, FH

S-09/10-8 - Resolution to issue a statement to faculty regarding the open status of faculty committee meetings

S-09/10-9CA - Proposal for a new Technical Theatre/Design track in Performing Arts: Theatre

S-09/10-10CA - Proposal for a title/description change for Psychology 104

S-09/10-11 - January Term Committee membership revised for an elected faculty committee: FH

S-09/10-12CA - Anthropology Curriculum Revision

S-09/10-13 - January Term Committee membership revision to Handbook language, Sec.

S-09/10-14 - Proposal from Staff Council: Improving faculty/staff relations

S-09/10-15CA - Revised Theatre Minor

S-09/10-16 - Sabbatical Deferral Policy: FH - Sabbatical Protocols and Timeline for Consideration.  Revised Sabbatical Forms (Forms A, B & C)

S-09/10-17 - Commendation for Brother Gabriel Carlos Gomez-Restrepo, FSC

S-09/10-19CA - Revisions to the Environmental Science and Studies Program, SOS

S-09/10-20CA - Fudan University Study Abroad Program proposal(China)

S-09/10-21CA - Masters in Teaching Leadership Program (MATL) - SOE

S-09/10-22 - Proposal Concerning .25 Credit Courses

S-09/10-23 - Senate Charge to the Collegiate Seminar Governing Board

S-09/10-25 - Revised Preamble to the External Speaker and Public Event Policy (S-09/10-2)


Academic Senate executive committee 2009-2010

Chair:   Tom Poundstone
Vice Chair: Steve Cortright
Past Chair:  Brother Charles Hilken