Senate Reports 2010-2011:

Faculty Welfare Committee Report to the Senate 9-9-10


S-10/11-1 - AdHocCommittee to review the Graduate & Professional Educational Policies Committee Proposal to Create a Vice Provost for Graduate & Professional Studies

S-10/11-2 - Resolution to Censure the Administrative Decision to Override the January Term Committee

S-10/11-3 - Resolution to Restore Pension Benefits

S-10/11-4CA - 2+2 Nursing Curriculum Change

S-10/11-5CA - Modern Languages addition to Capstone Requirement for Spanish and French Majors

S-10/11-6CA - Revised Major Curriculum in Art History

S-10/11-7 - Proposal to Create a Position of Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies

S-10/11-8 - Amendment to Model 1 of the Core Curriculum Revision

S-10/11-9 - Proposal for the Creation of a Core Curriculum Committee       

S-10/11-10 - Remand Core Curriculum Committee proposal to the UEPC

S-10/11-11  - Resolution to Amend Senate Action S-09/10-22, Proposal Concerning 0.25 Credit Courses

S-10/11-12*  - Position Description and Duties: Director of the Core Curriculum

S-10/11-1*  -  Establishment of a College Undergraduate Core Curriculum Committee, Director of the Core Curriculum, and Core Curriculum Working Groups

*S-10/11-12 & 13 - Revision of Core Curriculum Committee and Position Description of the Chair

S-10/11-14CA  - Study Abroad Program (Berlin) Freie Universitat Berlin & the Berlin European Studies Program (FU-BEST)(click on the title to view the proposal)

S-10/11-15  -  Amendment to the 2010-11 Senate Rules of Procedure

S-10/11-16CA  -  Changes to the Politics Department Major and Minor

S-10/11-17CA  -  Approval of Permanent .25 Activity Course, "The English Department Book Club"

S-10/11-18  -  Resolution of Commendation to Brother Augustine Boquer, FSC

S-10/11-19CA - Department of Art and Art History Revision of Studio Art Major to Art Practice Major  (click on the title to view the proposal)

S-10/11-20CA - Guidelines for Individualized Majors

S-10/11-21CA - Economics Concentration in Sustainability Studies (click on the title to view the proposal)

S-10/11-22- Proposal for Permanent Status for Math 002 and Math 012

S-10/11-23CA - Theology and Religious Studies Course TRS 165, Spiritual, Not Religious: From Emerson to the New Age into the College Catalog

S-10/11-24CA - Final Approval Process for New Graduate and Professional Programs

S-10/11-25CA - Provisional Approval Process for New Graduate and Professional Programs

S-10/11-26 - Senate Confirmation of Jim Sauerberg as the Core Curriculum Committee chairperson

S-10/11-27 - Attendance and Enrollment Catalog addition

S-10/11-28 - Faculty Handbook Revisions re: Election

S-10/11-29 - Collegiate Seminar Task Force Recommend - recommit to Task Force

S-10/11-30 - Core Curriculum Working Groups

S-10/11-31CA - GPSEPC Approval Process for New Graduate and Professional Certificates

S-10/11-32  -  New Core Curriculum Approved Learning Outcomes and Rationales